Get Google AdSense Approval in 2022

10 Tips & Tricks to Get Fast Google AdSense Approval in 2022

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The adsense is a free way to earn money by showing advertisements on your site. For Google adsense approval, your content must be high quality, unique, and appealing to an audience. Google’s ad network links advertisers who want to run advertisements on the web with publishers like you who want to monetize your website, making it easy for everyone to succeed. AdSense is a system that allows website owners and publishers to sell ad space to companies.

Obtaining google adsense approval for a new website is a major headache for many individuals since Google has modified its policies to be more stringent due to people engaging in fraudulent activities to earn money through Google adsense accounts. So, today we’ll review a few ideas on how to get Google AdSense approval for a new website. Google uses industry-standard secure socket layer technology to protect your interaction with us. Protecting your tax ID number and other sensitive information.

Google AdSense Approval

Now, Let’s See A Few Tricks to Get Google Adsense Approval:

  1. Designing your site

A website is required to apply for adsense approval (official site). Start by creating the layout of your website if you already have one. Its look should be user-friendly. When compared to WordPress sites, Blogger blogs require a bit more effort. Some basic tricks to get google adsense approval is that people try to construct sites in WordPress since it may aid you in various ways if you haven’t already created a blog; not an issue.

A blog site is built in 15 minutes but must be personalized to be beautiful and user-friendly. 90% of the bloggers do not know coding or web development, yet they have done an excellent job with their websites. Because in WordPress, you need to drag and drop.

  1. Create basic pages

After obtaining a domain, hosting, and putting it up, you must develop some basic pages. These pages will make your website more trustworthy and professional, which assists a lot in getting adsense approval. The pages are as follows:

  • Privacy Policy
  • Terms and Conditions
  • Disclaimer
  • Sitemap
  • About Us
  • Contact Us

Add these basic pages to your site’s homepage if you’ve previously created them. It’s essential since it is the best google adsense approval trick.

  1. Content of High Quality

There is no defined number of posts required, although one should have at least 30 high-quality posts before applying for Adsense. If you have several categories on your website, it is best to have a suitable quantity of blog entries under each. Creating high-quality content is the easiest adsense approval trick. Low-quality sites, on the other hand, are littered with ads. Low-quality webpages feature relatively little text in the page’s primary material.

Quality content is data that your audience requires and cannot obtain elsewhere. It is not “me-too” material; it is content you generate in response to a full awareness of the daily difficulties your community experiences. Write for your readers, make your material legible, align search intent with your aims, be trustworthy, maintain your content up to date, and improve your site structure. The result is appealing information that your readers will like. This adsense approval trick works very efficiently.

  1. Do Not Publish the Same Content

If you are new to blogging, you may not be aware that if you publish identical material, your site will not be paid for by Google Adsense. The same topic matter does not suggest plagiarism. If you search Google adsense approval trick 2022, you will get a lot of content with the same title. However, its substance, writing style, and visuals differ from others, indicating that it is not plagiarized.

If your site contains 30+ real articles authored by you and you followed the procedures above, this is the best adsense approval trick, as this provides 80-90% chances to your site.

  1. Create content in supported languages

Google Adsense supports Hindi, Bengali, other Indian languages, and English. To achieve google adsense approval, you must develop material in just the languages authorized by Google Adsense; otherwise, it will be rejected.

  1. Use images with alt tags

Images are the most effective way to convey complicated information without requiring the user to read. However, Google finds it difficult to interpret photos, so you must include ALT tags in your photographs so that Google can easily read them.

  1. Write no unlawful content.

If you write anything that is usually unlawful or similar, Google Adsense will not accept your site. In this case, your site will develop quickly, but you will not be able to earn money from Adsense. Create genuine content that teaches users something new in your style. If you’ve previously written a few unlawful articles and Google denied your adsense approval request, delete them and try again.

  1. After obtaining Organic Views, apply.

Applying is not required after gaining organic views; however, having organic views makes the approval process easier and faster.

  1. After applying, make no modifications.

If you applied for Google Adsense, please do not make any changes to your website, or the approval will not occur. Make modifications, if necessary, after your site has been approved, but do not attempt to do so during verification.

  1. Publish content while Adsense is being verified

It will take longer to verify your site if you applied for AdSense but aren’t posting new content. You must upload content after applying for Google Adsense.

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