5G Launch in India

Airtel, Jio launch 5G in India: Five things you should know before using 5G services

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India publicly proclaimed launching Jio 5G network services earlier this week at the IMC 2022 conference in New Delhi. With the Airtel 5G launch in India, expect higher internet speeds while using mobile data in India; the Jio 5G will allow you to download huge files faster and open the nation’s networks to various use cases across sectors. However, most Indians will be unable to use the fifth-generation network for the time being.

Since Vodafone Idea will not deliver 5G Services in India anytime soon, Jio will not begin its service until close to Diwali. Airtel will only sell Jio 5G services in a few places. The Jio 5G services in India provide more users with better multi-Gbps peak data rates, super low latency, and a more consistent user experience. Along with colossal network capacity, enhanced availability, higher performance, and efficiency enable new user experiences and link new industries.

5G Launch in India

Here are five things to consider while waiting for Airtel 5G services in India to arrive in your community.

  1. How fast will be the 5G speed in India?

According to estimates, with the Airtel 5G launch in India, mobile customers could access up to 600 megabits per second in the 5G network during the first phase due to minimising network traffic. However, it will stay in the 200-300 Mbps range after the entire distribution. A two-hour high-definition movie with a file size of roughly 6 GB may be downloaded in 1 minute 25 seconds and a 4K movie in about 3 minutes at a peak speed of 600 Mbps.

Peak data speeds up to 20 Gigabits per second (Gbps) and average data rates of 100+ Megabits per second (Mbps). 5G has a higher capacity than 4G.

  1. Which cities get 5G?

Jio 5G services in India are first accessible in a few places. In the case of Airtel, they are currently just 8 Tier-I cities. Jio is also to launch 5G services in restricted locations around Diwali, with beta trials beginning on October 5 in four cities. Both telecom providers have also stated that pan-India coverage would take much longer and it may be more than a year before you can use Jio 5G services in India properly.

So, unless you live in a Tier-I zone, 5G services in India may be unavailable for several months to a year.

  1. Will you need to change your SIM card because of the 5G launch in India?

Airtel and Jio 5G will not require a new SIM card to use 5G network services. Jio has stated, ahead of its beta testing, that consumers will not require a new SIM card to access Jio 5G. Users of current 4G SIM cards from Airtel will not require a new card to experience 5G in supported zones.

While Vodafone Idea has yet to announce its 5G networks, we should have further information on requirements for any new SIM 5G launch in India as soon as the telecom player does.

  1. How powerful will the 5G network be?

According to some predictions, to experience full 5G capabilities, customers would need to be close to cellular towers. As a result, the position of the towers will become critical for receiving complete Airtel 5G services. You may get uneven reception or no signal if you are not close to a tower.

  1. Airtel 5G Data Plan Prices

India’s service providers have not announced their 5G intentions. However, Jio has given a free trial of its 5G services. Airtel has also stated that 5G services will be accessible at current 4G tariffs. We will know about the new 5G rate later.


  • Tower Dependency

According to several sources, Airtel and Jio 5G customers would need to be located close to genuine cellular towers for the network to function at maximum capacity. However, the exact placement of these towers remains unknown. If you require proximity to a tower and are not near one, you may get uneven reception or, worse, no signal.

  • Updates

Regardless of your cellular network operator, your 5G phone may require a little upgrade to activate 5G networks, even if the hardware already supports it. 5G smartphones support SA (standalone) and NSA (non-standalone) networks. However, they may need to be updated to eliminate any software-based restrictions. If your 5G phone is one of these models, the availability of 5G services in India may be contingent on your smartphone manufacturer providing such an upgrade.

If the updates are delayed, you might be unable to utilise 5G immediately.


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