Custom GPTs: New Ways To Utilize ChatGPT For SEO & Marketing

Custom GPTs: New Ways To Utilize ChatGPT For SEO & Marketing

The Chat GPT model BY OpenAi has become one of the talk of the town with its ability to generate some unique content using the Natural Language Process. It has taken the world of the Internet by storm at the end of 2022, and OpenAI believes it will be able to generate about $ 1 billion in 2024.  

Are you trying to navigate this dynamic world of SEO and Marketing?

Well, hold on tight; today, we will unravel how you can use Custom GPT to better strategize for your SEO and Marketing. So, stay tuned to learn all about how you can leverage ChatGPT for your digital marketing gain.

What is Custom ChatGPT?

Before we dive into the definition, let us break the what GPT is. GPT stands for Generative Pre-trained Transformer, a cutting-edge language model that learns from analysing vast amounts of data. 

So, let's wrap that together. Custom GPTs are a specialised version of the GPT language model well tailored to specific tasks or industries. They undergo training in domains like healthcare, finance, and even technology. 

So, by fine-tuning the base GPT features, custom GPTs can provide you with more accurate and contextual relevant outputs within their designated fields. Moreover, it offers more targeted and efficient answers for various applications. 

So, What Can You Do About It?

1. Create Tailored Message

We all feel valued if we get a personalised message on our phones. So, to make your marketing more engaging and to add balance to your customers, create personalized messages. But how to do it?

Now, imagine a virtual assistant fluent in your brand language and engaging with your audience through tailored messages. So, you can create personalised messages by using Custom GPTs. 

2. SEO Magic

Want to take your brand on the first page of SERPs?

Well, we got the news for you! You can transform your SEO strategies by using Custom GPTs to create content that has high-ranking keywords that your customers resonate with. 

So, use custom GPTs to leverage your SEO and marketing strategies to help your brand or business grow in this digitalised world. 

How to Build a Custom GPT?

Are you worried about not being able to build your Custom GPT?

Today, we will share how you can swiftly build your custom GPT. To do so, you have two fantastic options: Create and Configure. 

Let's dive into each other to help you create a Custom GPT.

1. Create with GPT Builder

Now, imagine talking with the GPT Builder to craft your conversational genius. It feels like talking to a tech-savvy friend who understands your needs, right?

That means here, instead of using coding languages to communicate, you express your desires in natural language. It makes it perfect for those who want a more interactive and user-friendly experience.

2. Configure for Prompt Engineers

Are you a prompt engineer who loves getting into the nitty-gritty details?

Then, configure your playground. You can enter specific details like name, image, and description here. In the end, these details will not only personalize your GPT but also make it stand out on the Search Engine page, giving your own identity!

3. Conversation Starters

Do you want your GPT to start conversations like a pro? 

Using the conversation starters, you can make that happen. You will get suggestions from the GPT interface and even set the tone for engaging interactions.

4. Instructions for Fine-tuning

Let me tell you! Customisation is not just about looks. Instead, it is more about the behaviour. So, use Instructions to shape how your GPT behaves. You can specify functionalities you want, behaviors you want to see, and even things you want to avoid. It is more like giving your creation a personality tailored to your liking.

5. Knowledge Upload for Precision

Your GPT can be as knowledgeable as you want it to be. Let's see what GPT Builder says. They said, "You can upload text files, PDFs, and images for reference, and the size limit for each file is 25MB. These files can help me provide detailed and accurate responses by analyzing their contents."

6. Unlocking Multimodal Features

Do you want to access Multimodal features? 

Do so by enabling capabilities like DALLĀ·E 3, web browsing, and advanced analysis. You can make your custom GPT a multi-talented assistant to handle tasks beyond text generation.

7. Powerful Actions

With actions, you can take your GPT to the next level. Extend your functionality by tapping into third-party APIs or by adding OpenAI schema. If you have a ChatGPT plugin, you can import the schema swiftly. It's like giving your GPT a toolbox with extra skills and resources.

How You Can Use Custom GPT for Your SEO and Marketing 

  • Build a Web Quality Analyst that analyses your websites for E-E-A-T: Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness.

  • Use Custom GPT to ask about the current ranking topic.

  • Custom GPT can create engaging ideas, issues, and descriptions. 


Take your SEO and Marketing strategies to the next level with the help of custom GPT. Leverage it and watch how your brand grows in this dynamic digital world. Use Custom GPT to create engaging content and SEO strategies that increase traffic and conversion.