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Elon Musk charging Twitter users $8 a month for a verified account

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Elon Musk confirms charging Twitter users $8 per month for a verified account as he prepares to restructure the social media network. According to some sources, Tesla CEO Elon Musk proposes modifications to Twitter’s Blue membership service, including boosting the $4.99 monthly charge to $19.99. Users who have been confirmed by the platform and have a blue tick indicating that they are an open source will have 90 days to join up to Blue or lose their check mark.

Elon Musk Response on the charging Twitter users $8 per month for a verified account news

Musk openly bartered with King, writing, “We have to pay the bills somehow!” Twitter cannot rely only on advertising revenue. What about $8?”Providing a paid verified tick as a status symbol has sparked much debate. Musk responded to criticism early Wednesday by tweeting, “To all complainers, please continue moaning, but it will cost $8,” confirming the decision. Musk’s goal with this move is to diversify Twitter’s revenue source, which is now dominated by advertising.

Furthermore, Musk feels that the prominence of paid users will assist them in “defeating the bots and trolls.” Twitter users will also see fewer advertisements in their streams. The words illustrate how shaky some of Musk’s first ideas for Twitter may be and the urgency with which he must increase revenue and profit for a company that has lost money for most of its history. Musk paid $44 billion for Twitter, which he said was “clearly overpaying” for the firm.

He also secured sufficient loan finance to pay for the transaction. Since finalizing the social networking site acquisition last week, the billionaire has rushed to change things up, disbanding the board and sacking key executives. Musk polled his followers over the weekend on whether to bring back Vine, Twitter’s defunct short-form video service and answered “definitely” in response to a user’s proposal to reconsider the platform’s character restrictions.

It got clear today morning how serious Musk is about making any or all of these adjustments.


According to the reports provided to the Securities and Exchange Commission, all previous directors, including the company's former CEO, Parag Agarwal, were no longer in their positions

Musk’s ambitions for Twitter since the acquisition have been influenced mainly by his Twitter account. In another indicator of the company’s comeback, Musk on Monday published a poll asking users whether they should bring back Vine. This video-sharing app was considered a forerunner to TikTok but was shut down by Twitter in 816.

Even if every existing verified user paid the price, the yearly income would be less than a tenth of Musk’s projected $1 billion in interest payments on the site’s debt. Musk intends to fire off 25% of Twitter’s 7,500 employees in the first round of layoffs at the San Francisco-based firm. Musk was asked the “ugliest” thing about the firm in a chat with a Twitter user on Sunday.

And he answered, “It feels like ten people are managing every single person coding.” According to a Monday filing with the Exchange Commission, Musk also sacked Twitter’s board of directors and nominated himself as the company’s only member. Musk was also verified as Twitter’s sole director in a filing with the US Securities and Exchange Commission. “How can we enhance it over TikTok?” Musk replied. TikTok has around 1 billion users, whereas Twitter only has 230 million.

In a conversation with Mr. Beast, Musk hinted at motivation: “it would be amusing if you did it and actually competed with Tik Tok.” Musk and his team are analyzing internal comments sent by employees in response to the acquisition, following the publication of a chat message received by a key employee on Monday morning in 822.

He has also indicated that he will follow content standards and block banned accounts till the billionaire’s declared meeting of the Twitter Content Moderation Council last week. When Musk sought to buy Twitter in April, one of his stated aims was to “verify all people,” Developing its exclusive membership service might produce considerable money.

Is Twitter charging Twitter users $8 per month for a verified account?

The blue badge indicates that Twitter judged your account as respectable. The official verification badge is always displayed in the exact location. Verified accounts will always have a checkmark next to their username in their profile and any tweets they submit. It also shows the username in search results. The Verge reported later Sunday, citing persons familiar with the situation and “internal communication,” that Elon Musk is charging Twitter users $8 per month for a verified account.

And that proved users would have 90 days to join up before losing their verified badge (Twitter Blue membership). The modifications would involve the addition of the verification capability to an existing paid Twitter product known as “Twitter Blue,” which now costs $4.99 per month and is accessible in four countries, including the United States.

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