Facebook Ads Are Not Delivering

7 Reasons Your Facebook Ads Not Delivering Results: How to Fix It

Every marketer gets excited when they see the results of their promotional campaigns. None of us launches advertising campaigns without some expectation of success. When we say “facebook ads not delivering,” we usually imply that your campaigns have received extremely few to no impressions. Facebook ads not delivering might happen if one has sent it already! There are several reasons why an advertisement may fail to deliver.

Facebook Ads Are Not Delivering

Why Facebook Ads Not Delivering Results?

It might be challenging if you’re new to Facebook Ads or don’t have prior expertise navigating the extensive advertising platform. Especially when you’ve spent a lot of time creating the perfect ad campaign releasing your Facebook ads not working is very disappointing. Perhaps your Facebook ad is active but not producing the fantastic results you know are achievable — or it is not producing at all.

If a Facebook Ad is seeking approval, the Ad Set is inactive, or the campaign is dormant, the issue of facebook ads not working will occur. If you’ve confirmed that all of these are right, the issue might be that your budget is too little or your aim is too narrow. Ads Manager’s Delivery column is where you can monitor the progress of your campaign, ad set, or ad and learn about any issues.

If you notice a warning that your facebook ads not delivering, it implies that they are presently not generating any impression—which means they are not visual. While this might make most of us panic, facebook provides tools to identify and resolve any advertisements that aren’t delivering. A Facebook ad not delivering can happen to new advertising and those that have previously been active. The delivery column in Ads Manager is the best way to check your facebook ads not delivering.

The symbol next to the message is the first sign that there are numerous messages here that can assist you in determining why your facebook ad not delivering as anticipated. You’ll notice numerous different sorts of messages for each of those symbols. Some of these are plain and simple to understand. Some, though, are more difficult to identify why facebook ads not working.

7 Reasons Why the Facebook Ads Not Working How You Can Fix Not Delivering Facebook ADS?

Here, are the top reasons why your facebook ad not delivering, and the ways to resolve this issue.

  1. Your advertisement has been rejected

Starting at the top of Facebook’s list, the first reason for the not working Facebook ads is that they may not be delivered because they have rejected the ad. If you sign up for Facebook alerts, you’ll also receive an email informing the not working of Facebook ads. You can click the ‘Go to Account Quality’ option if you have a rejected ad.

Facebook will then have a list of all the rejected advertisements and exact details about which policy sparked the rejection.

How to fix it?

There are two options for moving forward from here:

  • Change your ad to confirm to Facebook’s ad regulations

After revising your ad, it will return to review for about 24 hours. If you’ve resolved the problem, your ad should begin to deliver soon. In the interim, the delivery column will show ‘Processing.’

  • Request a manual evaluation of your advertisement

If you believe your ad complies with the standards and the rejection was an error, you may utilize the ‘Request review’ option on the Account Quality page to have your ad personally examined.

  1. Your ad is still in review

If your ad is not authorized, it not necessarily means rejection. Another reason for Facebook advertisements not delivering is that they are stuck in review. The ad platform clarifies lengthy review timeframes if you’ve recently changed targeting, creative, optimization, or billing. But, this can be a reason for not working facebook ads.

How to fix it?

Do not update your advertising until the approval process is complete since changes cause the process to restart.

  1. You have a low bid cap, cost cap, or budget

The budget is critical; if you do not have enough money to reach your target audience, you will most likely not see any conversions from your campaign, hurting the delivery. The first step in resolving this issue is to ensure that you have established a reasonable budget in the first place. It is a significant cause for not working Facebook ads.

Remember that Facebook will only charge you for the minimum required to win the auction, so choosing a greater limit might provide you with a much-needed competitive edge while preventing delivery issues.

How to fix it?

Suppose you’re having trouble with your budget plan and need some assistance. In that case, Madgicx’s Autonomous Budget Optimizer can automate the whole budgeting process, allowing you to focus on the big picture. The system will assess and optimize your budget at the campaign and ad set levels with this tool to provide you with the best results possible depending on the most relevant KPIs.

  1. Too much text

This unwritten guideline, known as Facebook’s 20% Rule, might be another reason your Facebook advertisements aren’t performing well. Ads containing more picture text are deemed low-quality and may not be delivered or may be punished in auctions (lower reach for the same budget).

How to fix it?

Use Facebook’s Text Overlay Tool to estimate the likelihood of reducing your ad’s reach.

  1. You’re aiming for a limited audience or have a lot of auction overlap

While it is true that having a precise target audience based on your buyer persona helps drive conversions, there is such a thing as too tiny. Checking the audience description and size before starting a campaign is an excellent approach to avoid this.

How to fix it?

  • Disable ad sets that target the same audience but produce poor results.
  • Combine ad sets with comparable target audiences.
  1. The optimization aim is difficult to achieve

Selecting an optimization objective indicates the desired action for your audience, allowing Facebook to target with greater accuracy. Choosing the appropriate optimization target is critical for narrowing down your audience. When optimising for conversions, however, delivery challenges frequently arise.

How to fix it?

Change the optimisation target from conversions to link clicks. Once you obtain consistent conversions, you may return to the conversion objective.

  1. Overlapping Audience

When the audiences in your campaign’s ad settings are substantially identical, Facebook attempts to prevent your advertisements from competing during the ad auction.

How to fix it?

There are 4 basic steps:

  • Go to your Audiences
  • Select the audiences to compare by checking the boxes next to them (up to 5)
  • Select Actions >
  • Display Audience Overlap


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