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Google rolls out ChromeOS 107 with ‘Save Desk for later’ feature

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ChromeOS 107 is now available to users worldwide. While this milestone release is a little late, the newest build is significantly closer to schedule than 106, which was more than two weeks late. The last update of Chrome new feature for Desktops was pretty feature-light, but the OS version has arrived with a basket full of new and enhanced tricks you will most certainly want to try.

Google has launched ChromeOS 107, which offers a Save Desk for Later feature to enhance user experience.

Save Desk for Later Feature

Desks have been improved in ChromeOS 107. One allows you to instantly “Save Desk for later feature” from the Overview screen by clicking the button above the leftmost panel. You’re moved to a new “Saved for later” screen to the right of “New Desk.” You may name it, view the creation date, and see a list of open favicons. Tapping will start and restore the Desk immediately.

Hovering over an open Desk in the top strip exposes a close button for that Desk and associated windows. You’ll see an “Undo” message at the bottom of your screen if you want to go back in time, and Google is also trying Desk merging.

What has changed in Chrome new feature?

The last update of Chrome for Desktops was pretty feature-light, but the OS version has arrived with a basket full of new and enhanced tricks you will most certainly want to try. Let’s take a look at what’s new in Chrome new feature.

• Camera Framing

The chromeOS 107 introduces auto-framing to the platform, adding to the platform’s ever-expanding productivity arsenal. Enabling auto framing while using the camera on devices that allow it will automatically zoom in on your face to keep your front and centre in the frame. If your smartphone supports auto framing, a toast notification should appear the first time you access your camera following the chromeOS 107 updates.

The setting is removed if you do not have the camera or a camera-enabled app open.

• Lock Lid without Sleep

Administrators may now set chromeOS devices to lock the screen when the lid is closed without putting the device to sleep. Lock the screen when the lid is closed is helpful for users who need to lock it while people move away from their systems; they must maintain services operating. It could be handy if you had an active SSH session running and wanted it to continue when you closed the lid or your device.

SSH, or Secure Shell, is a network communication protocol that allows two computers to connect and exchange data (similar to HTTP, or hypertext transfer protocol, which is used to send hypertext such as web pages).

• Recent Files Filter

To make browsing through the Files App a bit easier, the “Recents” menu now includes categories. You can now switch between Audio, Documents, Images, and Videos with a single click on the Recents tab.

• Merge Desks

Virtual Desks have rapidly become one of ChromeOS’s most popular productivity tools in recent years. Google is currently working on increasing the maximum number of virtual Desktops from eight to sixteen. Managing all of those areas may become tedious, but Google has included a convenient tool that allows you to merge one workstation with the Desk next to it with a simple click.

In ChromeOS 107, while viewing your Desks in overview mode, you will notice an icon to the left of the “X” used to close a Desk. This merging symbol allows you to relocate the contents of that Desk to the Desk to the left and delete it from your lineup.

• Saved Desks

We’ve been waiting for this functionality for months. Users may now store their Desks for later in addition to merging them. When you save a Desk, all the tabs open on that Desk are stored and may be reopened later. Go to overview mode and look for the “Save Desk for later” message above your current applications to save a Desk. When you click it, your Desk is saved.

The saved Desk for later feature will appear on your overview page, where you can click it to reopen all of your apps/tabs in a new Desk.

• Diacritics Physical Keyboard

This one is currently hidden behind a flag, but it’s an excellent addition to ChromeOS 107. The flag permits access to a diacritic and variant character library through long-pressing keys on the physical keyboard. It comprises letters with unusual accents in languages other than English and characters not present on a regular keyboard. When you long-press a key in a text box with this option set, you will receive a popup with possible characters.

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