GST on online gaming

Government to Decide GST on Online Gaming in August 2022

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Before discussing gst on online gaming we should understand why government decided to took this step over online gaming. Online gaming can refer to any form of game that can be accessed over the Internet or a computer network. Most of the time, it refers to video games played via the Internet with several participants from all over the world. An online game is one that is played through a computer network. This nearly always refers to the Internet or comparable technologies, but games have always used whatever technology was available at the time: modems before the Internet, and hard-connected terminals before modems. The evolution of online gaming has mirrored the broader growth of computer networks, from tiny local networks to the Internet, as well as the increase of Internet access itself. Online games may range from basic text-based games to games with intricate visuals and virtual worlds populated by several players at the same time. Many online games have connected online communities, transforming them into a sort of social engagement that extends beyond single-player games. Now, the government has decided to impose GST on online gaming in India.

The GST on online gaming would be determined during the 48th GST Council Meeting in Madurai in the first week of August, according to our Finance Minister, Nirmala Sitharaman. Sitharaman was addressing a news conference regarding the GST Council’s 47th meeting, and the GST rates on online gaming may be raised to 28%.

GST on online gaming

Since the service tax period, and now are continuing in the Goods and Services Tax (GST) on online gaming in India, the applicability of indirect taxes on betting, the lottery, casinos, and internet gaming has been a source of contention. The question of whether these are “games of chance” or “games of skill” has been decided by Indian courts, removing any questions about the GST rate applicable to online gaming; games of chance such as betting, lottery, and casinos attract GST on online gaming in India at a rate of 28%. As a result, services offered by online gambling operators now incur an 18% GST on online gaming in India. However, there is still uncertainty about how these services should be valued, i.e., what is the transaction value on which the GST on online gaming in India at 18 percent should be levied?

As Goa broached the subject and demanded that the casino be differentiated from online gaming and harness racing, the Committee aimed that the Group of Ministers on Casino, Race Track, as well as Online Gaming re-examine the concerns inside its terms and conditions predicated on important addition from states and offer up its summary by July 15.

Currently, the GST on online gaming is 18% if no betting or gambling is involved. For online games, including betting or gambling, the percentage is 28%, currently, the GST rates for online gaming is 5%, which comes out to 5-20% of the contest entrance money. According to those familiar with the negotiations, the group of ministers (GoM) evaluating the goods and services tax slabs for online gambling, horse racing, and casinos is unlikely to change the suggested 28 percent rate for these activities. The GST Council has given the GoM, led by Meghalaya chief minister Conrad Sangma, till July 15 to reconsider their suggestions on GST rates on online gaming.

The GoM will only consider whether a tax should be levied on the entire amount spent at a casino or on gaming by individuals. The 28 percent for internet gaming and horse races is not being reconsidered. It was not even brought up during the council meeting. Following a request from Goa, it is just about casinos. The panel has asked the officials to investigate the valuation mechanisms for levying the tax rates on online gaming, with the final meeting scheduled for mid-May. However, Goa has expressed worry about foreign-owned internet casinos that avoid paying taxes and has requested a more nuanced discussion of the GST on online gaming.


The gaming sector has been waiting with bated breath for the result of the Group of Ministers meeting. However, it appears that countless calls to study and embrace worldwide best practices have gone unheeded, and the highest GST rates on online gaming, of 28%, is planned to be applied. So, what are your views on GST on online gaming in India?


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