How Blockchain can save billions for the Media Industry?

Blockchain transmits royalty payments for music, movies, and streaming services and establishes a single source of truth to combat the spread of “fake news” on social media; this is where the blockchain decentralised ledger system comes in. Aside from increasing the trust, security, and efficiency of entertainment supply chains, blockchain may increase income for producers by providing value-added digital content to a restricted number of customers.

Unique Features of Blockchain

Blockchain technology increases trust, security, and transparency. It also enhances the ability to trace data that has been shared across a business network. It is a promising technology supported by three main strengths: transparency, immutability, and unrivalled security. Despite its prominence in the banking industry, blockchain is a future technology poised to disrupt all verticals with its unique uses. Here are some instances of how Blockchain’s distinct characteristics to utilised in the media sector.

  • Immutability: Aids in resistance to repression. Orderly data structures result in a high level of audibility and dependability.
  • Transparency: Allows all users to see the ledger information.
  • Resistance: Prevents data manipulation and removes asymmetric information.

Invulnerable: Blockchains are hackers, and other hostile actors do not have a single point of failure or attack vector.

Blockchain can save billions

Why is Blockchain technology making an appearance in digital advertising?

When complaints of data exaggeration and disagreement surfaced online, marketers and publications began looking for a more transparent choice. Advertising platforms such as Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and others have held a monopoly in digital advertising since the previous decade.

Role of Blockchain for Media Industry

  • Reduces intellectual property violation

Digital piracy, false copies, intellectual property (IP) infringement by studios, and virtual content duplication all cost the media and entertainment businesses a lot of money. Enterprise Artists and producers may use Ethereum to manage and protect their intellectual property rights on a time-stamped, immutable ledger and digitize the metadata of their unique material. Furthermore, because blockchains are append-only, it is easier for authors to safeguard their rights when a legal infringement occurs.

  • Eliminates Intermediaries

Blockchain innovation can benefit market media users, content creators, and media companies by removing mediators and providing continual usage based on estimating against resources with a permanent state and digital identity.

  • Ad Fraud Avoidance

Because of its capabilities as an immutable public database, blockchain has the potential to reduce ad fraud by storing, retrieving, and validating previously ambiguous information about digital advertisements. The typical advertising environment makes it tough to identify fake clicks and impressions you may have paid. Blockchain technology combined with intelligent contract oracle detects and identifies sites with click discrepancy.

Also, reducing ad fraud and increasing the flow of ad funding to the proper areas with legitimate clicks undoubtedly assist the advertiser in eliminating the excessive costs spent owing to ad fraud.

  • Choosing the Right Audience

It is essential to tailor an ad campaign to their consumer journey. Ad tech companies might use blockchain to automate campaigns based on a specified set of criteria. If the audience meets those requirements, they will only see advertisements, allowing advertisers to spend their advertising revenue on better sites. Audience engagement will be more trustworthy with more reliable data to help build better campaigns. Leads and subscriptions are verified and traceable.

  • Allows for micropayments

Once a piece of content has been recorded on the blockchain, the blockchain keeps track of each item’s usage. This tracking enables real-time, flexible, and transparent consumption-based pricing strategies such as metered billing. Smart contracts can also make automated micropayments between the viewer and the creator.

  • Security and speed of media data

Because of its simplicity, the concept of blockchain innovation enables artists to accurately and safely trace the evolution of their blockchain-facilitated content by authenticating, paying clients, and breaking down appropriation designs. Unlike DRM programming, blockchain is secure. Therefore it would be difficult to ‘hack’ the information to transfer it, eliminating content theft at its source unscrupulously.

The growing need to eliminate intermediaries between content creators and end consumers, the increasing demand for safe and faster transfers and the growing cases of data piracy in media and entertainment are significant factors pushing the industry. Rising Incidences of Data Piracy in the Media Industry Worldwide to Expand Market Pirated video and audio material get billions of views yearly.

How can Blockchain Lead to Advertising and Media Market Growth?

Blockchain has impacted every part of the company, including office display. Blockchain in Media Advertising Entertainment Market Study Coverage includes significant producers, an emergency player’s development story, and significant business segments of the Blockchain in Media Advertising Entertainment market, a long time considered, and research targets. We can see how Blockchain in media advertising and entertainment is a key market growth category, for example, in the Middle East.

Because of its append-only nature, Blockchain makes it easier for people to assert their rights if infringement occurs lawfully.


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