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How to Download and Get Paid Apps on Android For Free

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Everyone wants to be able to use all paid apps on their Android phone for free. However, we are unable to pay for them. That is why we are unable to utilize paid applications on our devices. But what if I told you that there is a legal method to get premium applications for free on your Android?

Several Android applications and games demand payment in order to be used. While it is always beneficial to support developers, some users may opt not to pay for programs. Some people may even choose to check out these applications and games before purchasing them. Don’t worry if you want to download Android market paid applications for free; we’ve got you covered.

get paid apps for free

Here are the best ways on how to download android paid apps for free:

  • Aptoide App Store

Aptoide is a well-known third-party app store that directly competes with the Google Play Store. It allows you to have access to hundreds of android market apps for free.

All you have to do is download Aptoide and search for the premium programs you wish to utilize. Several programs that require purchase on the Play Store, such as Nova Launcher Prime, Kinemaster Pro, Greenify Premium, Poweramp Full Version, and hundreds, can assist you to download android paid apps for free through Aptoide.

Multiple security checks and antivirus scans are performed on the programs published on Aptoide. The same information will be displayed on the app page; you can then select whether or not to download the android market paid apps for free.

  • BlackMart

BlackMart is a similar app to Google Play. It allows you to get paid apps for free on your Android device. It is one of the most trusted apps in 2022, and I tested it as well. This is why I suggest it to you.

First, utilize the BlackMart app, and if your desired paid app is not available there, try another app that can assist you to download paid apps for free android market. If you desire the BlackMart download link and further information on the installation process, then follow the brief tutorial provided below.

  1. To begin with, download BlackMart.apk
  2. Install and start it on your smartphone.
  3. Now, in their search bar, look for any programme
  4. If your result appears on their homepage, click on it
  5. Now, hit the download button, and it will begin downloading immediately, just like the Play Store
  • AppSales

AppSales is not an app store where you can get free paid apps. Instead, it informs you of the programmes that are now accessible for free. It allows you to browse and download apps that have recently become free or are offered at a 100 percent discount on the Play Store.

You can also view an app’s price history to compare costs over time. AppSales notifies you of paid apps that have become free, and it also displays apps with steep discounts.

Those seeking for deals on certain applications may add them to the watch list to keep track of their costs. Overall, it’s a terrific tool for staying up to date on the newest app bargains on Google Play.

  • 4Shared

In 2022, 4Shared was one of the oldest and finest websites. It might also be beneficial to download premium apps for free on Android. They just launched their Android application with a responsive UI, and the site also offers a variety of game data, mp3 music, movies, premium programs, some essential zip files, cracks, modified APKs, and so on.

  • Google Opinion Rewards

To begin, Google Opinion Rewards is a rewards-based program that pays you money in the form of Google Play balance in exchange for doing surveys. The amount you receive varies according to the number of questions in the survey.

Google will alert you once a survey becomes accessible for you. As you complete the surveys, you will earn Google Play credits, which can be redeemed when purchasing premium applications from the Google Play Store. So, you may utilize Google Opinion Rewards to get free paid applications and games from the Play Store.

It may appear tedious at first, but keep the program loaded on your phone and earn modest credits on a daily basis. You’ll soon have enough money to buy your favorite software or even an in-app purchase.


So that’s how you can get android market paid apps for free on your Android phone. I hope you have received all of your responses on this subject. This article discusses every option available on how to get paid apps for free on android. I hope you received all of your responses.

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