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How to Get More Facebook Video Views?

You’ve made a wise decision to enter the world of video marketing. Whether you’re employing video to generate informational material or product-focused marketing, you’ve made the right choice. After all, it is 2022; any digital marketing plan that does not include video is inadequate.

Now that you’re in the game, it’s time to tackle the arduous issue of figuring out how to increase Facebook video views. Getting visitors to notice your content, whether bought or organic, is complex. To keep prospective prospects from scrolling past your videos, you’ll need to devise a strategy.

Are your Facebook videos doing poorly? If so, there are a few different strategies you may employ to gain more views when recording, editing, uploading, and advertising films.

facebook video

This article will teach you how to increase the number of views on your Facebook videos.

  1. Make an intriguing title

Your title should explain the video while also enticing the visitor to watch it. Make it as interesting as possible while being genuine about the material you’re posting. If your title is deceptive, your video will most likely be removed as spam.

  1. Choose an interesting thumbnail

Viewers might determine whether or not to view a video based just on the thumbnail. Find the most intriguing time in your film, then take a screenshot and utilize photo-editing software to add attractive graphics, arrows, and other elements to capture the attention of your viewers.

  • Upload your video, and then select Edit Video under the Media area to add a custom thumbnail to a business page.
  • Then, on the left, select Thumbnail, then Manual, and upload your personalized thumbnail.
  • On a Mac, press Command + Shift + 3 to snap a screenshot. Press the PrtScn key on Windows and Linux.
  1. Piquing the interest of spectators

Make your video’s initial few seconds engaging. Begin with a high-energy introduction, a question, or something else similarly captivating. Otherwise, you might try showing a teaser of the most fascinating section of the video in the first few seconds to entice viewers.

  1. Create the appropriate video

Your content style should be personalized for your target audience. For instance, if you often create educational films, a comedic skit is unlikely to do well. Build a brand by using consistent types of content, typefaces, thumbnail styles, and so on.

  1. Include captions

Captions make your video more accessible and allow visitors to watch without listening to the audio. Because up to 85 percent of Facebook users watch videos without sound, optimizing your videos without volume is critical. Furthermore, subtitles make videos considerably more comprehensible for the deaf and hard of hearing, broadening your audience.

  1. Make use of the square video format

Square videos work better on mobile devices, which are one of the most common methods to access Facebook. As of July 2021, 81.8 percent of Facebook users solely utilized the app on their phones. As a result, for the greatest results, we recommend staying with the square format.

  1. Make a description

Descriptions may explain your video while also including vital keywords for search engines. Attract your descriptions in order to keep people’s attention and urge them to watch the video.

  1. Upload your video to Facebook immediately

Natively posted videos outperform connections to other sites. Furthermore, putting the same information on many sites may harm its overall performance. Make changes to your video dependent on the platform on which it will be uploaded.

  1. Incorporate a call to action

In your video, invite viewers to leave a comment or visit a website. This involvement will help your video rank higher in the algorithm, resulting in more views.

  1. Pages and people can be tagged

Tagging others will notify them and maybe encourage them to share the video with their audiences. When utilizing tags, make sure they are relevant. It is completely appropriate, for example, to tag people who are in the video, referenced in the video, or inspired the video. If you use meaningless tags, your video may be flagged as spam and deleted.

  1. Display the video on your Page

If you modify the template of your page, you may display a list of highlighted videos at the top. As a result, the videos you select to showcase will be one of the first things visitors to your page see, encouraging them to watch and increasing the number of views on each.

  • To change the template you’re using on a computer, go to your profile, then scroll down to the Settings option on the left side of the page.
  • After that, go to Templates & Tabs and click the Edit button next to “Current Template.”
  • Then, in the pop-up that displays, scroll down and choose Video Page, then hit Apply Template.
  • Finally, return to your page and choose the desired video by pressing Choose Video next to “Showcase Your Best Videos in Spotlight” (s).
  1. Improve your content by using Business Page Insights

The “Insights” page will teach you when to publish, what sort of material to submit, and other useful information. This tab is located at the top of your Business Manager page. It contains a variety of facts that you should consider while making your next video.

  1. Go live

Because of their greater levels of interaction, live videos are pushed over ordinary ones. As a result, if you can live stream your material, you should do so since you will likely receive more impressions and attract more people to your page.

  1. Share your video with others who aren’t on Facebook

Linking to your video on other social media platforms or your website will help increase views. Furthermore, you may reach diverse audiences on several platforms, improving your chances of attracting new visitors to your page.

  1. Purchase advertisements

Facebook ads are intended to reach particular audiences. You may create an ad campaign centered on video views and target your audience, improving both impressions and the likelihood of engagement.


In a world in which you have less than 3 seconds to capture a user’s attention, it’s critical to strategize on the best ways to do so. Facebook is a really strong medium. To get the most out of your Facebook videos, plan ahead of time.

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