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How To Get More Followers on Instagram in 2023: 11 Free and Paid Ways

Instagram is much more than merely another social media platform. Many users, particularly younger ones, rely on it for a living and as a place to breathe. Instagram followers count may sometimes serve to validate a company or influencer, but it has recently done the reverse.

Do Instagram followers matter?

Although the number of Instagram followers is essential, a lower-level influencer with a better engagement rate may earn more than a higher-level influencer with a large following but few likes and comments on their posts. Instagram followers count may occasionally serve to validate a company or influencer, but it has recently done the reverse. In a rush to grow an Instagram following, many firms and influencers take shortcuts by acquiring false followers, inflating page counts artificially.

12 Free and Paid ways on how to get more followers in 2023 on Instagram

  1. Develop an Instagram content plan and stick to it

Content planning is the most effective strategy to increase Instagram reach and engagement. Establishing a content calendar based on current marketing objectives and personalizing your content with a theme supported by metrics is the most effective strategy on how to get more followers on Instagram to help you reach your goals. If you want to increase your Instagram followers, you must share more than just gorgeous photographs; you must also be strategic with your content.

  1. Improve the information on your Instagram profile

Instagram improved its search capabilities for both regular users and corporate profiles. They may now search the platform using keywords rather than hashtags. The Instagram algorithm examines the quality and nature of an Instagram post and the time it was uploaded to return relevant results. That implies that you should improve your brand page to gain more followers. As the owner of a business Instagram account, you may identify your location, share your connections, and specify the sort of business.

  1. Decorate your Instagram account with a branded theme

Instagram is all about aesthetically pleasing and high-quality content. Users on this social networking site prefer to view beautiful photographs, such as those of great artists, rather than random fuzzy shots. Remember that you’re up against expert photographers and videographers for their attention. You will lose the fight if your Instagram profile seems like a giant family album with images of all times, formats, and colors.

  1. Experiment with different Instagram content types

Your Instagram feed may feature a variety of information. The platform has every tool you need to engage with your audience and generate captivating images that improve year after year. The Instagram system favors your experiments, promoting them to the top of the Feed or Recommended Posts, where potential users may view them. As a result, content variety aids Instagram SEO. Use Instagram analytics tools to track your progress and choose the best formats for your business objectives.

  1. Create your own Instagram Stories stickers

Most people are unaware they can upload their GIF Stickers to Instagram. But you certainly can! Of course, you may take the simple path and use GIF Stickers created by other firms – including Instagram – which is a perfectly acceptable alternative, especially if you only have a little time.

  1. Collaborate with influencers to raise brand awareness

Prominent bloggers may also assist you in growing your Instagram following—influencers in every company field and category on Instagram. Collaboration with brands that are not direct rivals might also be beneficial. Of course, if your marketing budget allows, you may execute a sponsored campaign starring celebrities. Collaborations with micro-influencers with an average of 10-30K followers, on the other hand, help get more subscribers just as well, if not better.

  1. Plan your hashtag strategy

One of the most excellent strategies to grow your Instagram following is to use relevant hashtag’s in your posts, Stories, and Reels. When you include a hashtag in a post, it will display on the hashtag’s page. Even if they don’t follow you, others who follow or search for that hashtag will be able to view your post!

  1. Be Active

You must be friendly and involved on Instagram to create a successful account. Consumers are constantly interested in the human, personal side of brands. Your job as a marketing professional is to establish a unique brand voice, define its tone, and fill it with emotions. Then include it in all of your Instagram strategies.

  1. Try Instagram Ads to gain more followers

Instagram advertising allows you to share your items uniquely. Story advertisements have exceptionally high engagement levels. The extra CTA functionality will let viewers swipe up and take action every time they see your ad.

  1. Improve Content Distribution

When expanding your Instagram following, you must consider strong (and visually appealing) content and a distribution strategy. Your content should be self-selling, instructive, or humorous enough that the followers whose attention it captures will automatically want to share it. It’s not a simple undertaking, but it’s doable if you let your imagination run wild and animate the notion of your content.

  1. Be Honest

Some SMM “experts” may advise you to buy phony Instagram followers. It is among the standouts among lousy recommendations. Indeed, you can obtain a lot of Instagram followers quickly and easily. Yet, instead of yielding constant success, this risky Instagram method produces dismal returns in the long run.


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