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How to reduce product returns for your online store?

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Returns are a huge burden for online businesses. Thus, it is essential to reduce product returns on your website. Returns require time and energy spent processing additional (unexpected) packages, issuing refunds, and attempting to make the procedure optimistic for consumers so that they don’t run off to one of your competitors as soon as they receive their refund.

If you’ve been running an online store for a while, you may occasionally encounter a higher-than-average product return rate

Product returns are the most significant and regular challenge for most eCommerce firms. Almost one-third of all items purchased by buyers worldwide were returned. Product returns put much pressure on business owners, requiring them to raise their prices to cover the increased expenditures. However, that is a short-term, sustainable plan. Your company requires a more efficient method to reduce product returns.

Tips and tricks to reduce product returns on your online store

The following are a few pointers to keep in mind in order to reduce product returns on your online store:

  • Enhance Product Visuals

High-quality photography can aid in reconciling product reality and client expectations. Photos should include several product viewpoints, 360-degree views, a zoom option, lifestyle pictures, and, if applicable, product films. All product color variants and other variations should be represented through images. Consider putting an Instagram gallery on your site with professional images. This aspect will show your items worn or used by a broader range of consumers.

  • Use sizing guidelines and fitting tools

Examine your present-size guides to verify they are current and simple to read on desktop and mobile devices. Fitting tools may range from a little slider on the product indicating how it fits the majority of consumers to virtual room planners indicating how furniture will fit into precise measurements and places. Wish is a fantastic illustration of this, with its customer-voted ‘overall size’ bar chart. Adding something similar to your listings can eliminate many size-based results.

  • Listings of New Products

Improving your descriptions can assist you in reducing the 39% of purchasers who believe their item is different from what was described, which might reduce product returns on your site. Make the mistaken assumption that descriptions are constant. Maintain product details and descriptions to incorporate consumer feedback and popular search phrases.

  • Implement a liberal refund policy

Promising customers a simple and speedy return procedure upfront will enable them to purchase a product with confidence that they can send it back worry-free if it doesn’t work out. A site with a “liberal” return policy would most likely have more costs to cover. That means that every client pays for the impulsive purchases and returns abuses committed by other customers.

  • Ensuring that the correct product is supplied

The supplier must guarantee that the buyer receives the correct color and size of the garment. The majority of human mistakes occur during this stage of internet distribution. As a result, the vendor must have efficient workers to guarantee that the consumer receives the correct size and color.

  • Provide product return alternatives

You have a few alternatives for deterring customers from returning their purchases. One of them is persuading customers to swap products rather than return them. This idea allows you to keep the sale while replacing their first purchase with a new and superior product that is more appropriate for them. Another idea to reduce product returns is to provide discounts and vouchers that customers may use on future orders. They’ll accept your offer.

  • Gather Customer Feedback

Fill out return forms with information on why customers are returning your merchandise. Examine internet reviews. By learning what is causing returns, you can remedy those issues by adding additional product views, writing better descriptions, correcting size inconsistencies, and so on.

  • Filtering of Reviews

We’ve all heard that more comments and ratings increase conversions. Furthermore, feedback from five customers is less beneficial than from 500 customers. Nonetheless, a user-friendly design allows buyers to filter reviews by topic and quickly access comments on important decision-making aspects like fit, fabric, and quality. Individuals may make the best-educated decisions with access to the most up-to-date information.

  • Increase the value of customer reviews

Giving clients a chance to submit detailed product evaluations is an excellent strategy for increasing social proof on a PDP. Furthermore, it can provide vital information about your items that would not have been discovered otherwise. Another method for getting the most out of client feedback is to organize parameters such as height, weight, body type, and size and then give filters based on those criteria.

  • Take care of the packing

If a consumer receives a product in which the packing has been shredded and the goods have been damaged, it is apparent that they will return it. The vendor will be out of luck since they cannot sell the damaged product to another consumer. As a result, the seller should utilize bubble wrap and strong packaging to reduce product returns.

Do you want to reduce product returns on your eCommerce site?

While there will always be consumers who take advantage of liberal return policies, the fact remains that the vast majority of customers would prefer not to deal with returns. With the proper understanding of how to reduce product returns, you will be the expert in handling your ecommerce technology, marketing, and all the other moving elements of your ecommerce business, allowing you to focus on creating your wonderful brand.

Returns are unavoidable, so provide your consumers with the greatest possible experience in order to reduce product returns

Every online store must deal with a certain percentage of returns, but by taking the proper precautions, you may significantly limit the risk of returns. By following the ideas mentioned above or methods, your clients will have a clear image of what they are purchasing, increasing the likelihood that they will be satisfied with their purchase. Additionally, attempt to adopt a liberal return policy. While liberal return policies result in more returns, they have also been shown to enhance sales.

As a result, it is up to you to determine if this trade-off is appropriate for your company.

Take the required actions to reduce product returns

As an ecommerce business owner, you will inevitably have to deal with some returns, but if you take the appropriate procedures now, you may considerably limit the risk of this happening. By employing strategies to reduce product returns, you can assist in presenting a better image of your items and guarantee that a bigger number of them are happy with their purchase. If your company is experiencing a high return rate, you should look into a conversion optimization program.

Iterative optimization is the ideal strategy for tackling a situation like this, especially if the root of the problem still needs to be fully identified.

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