How to Transfer WhatsApp Chat from iOS to Android

How to Transfer WhatsApp From Android to iPhone? (Chat & Data)

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If you’ve ever switched from an Android phone to an iPhone, you’ll know that one of the first things you’ll notice is that you’ll lose all of your WhatsApp chats and media. This, though, would no longer be an issue. To transfer WhatsApp from Android to iPhone is really not that big of a task. Meta, WhatsApp’s parent company, has finally added support to allow you to transfer WhatsApp from Android to iPhone via an app named “Move to iOS.” The method to transfer WhatsApp from Android to iPhone is so much easier nowadays.

Transferring data from one phone to another while switching devices has always been difficult, especially when switching from an Android phone to an iPhone.

Transferring WhatsApp data is one of the most difficult challenges you may have when switching from an Android handset to an iPhone. This problem has been solved by the Meta-owned program, which allows you to simply move your WhatsApp data from an Android phone to an iPhone. Transfer WhatsApp from Android to iPhone is simple, but there are a few technicalities to consider before moving the data to another device.

How to Transfer WhatsApp Chat from iOS to Android

Now a question arises: how to transfer WhatsApp chat from iPhone to Android?

Now, there is official feature announced by WhatsApp meta that has been provided by iPhones in which you can directly and easily transfer WhatsApp chats from android to iPhones, simply by following method:

  • Go to your iPhone Settings
  • Click on chats
  • Then, click on the option “Move Chats to Android”
  • From there, click on Start

And, now you can see that your chats will start getting transferred from iPhone to Android directly without any hassle. And same is also rolled out for android and now available for android 12 and soon it will be available for other android versions.

How to Transfer WhatsApp Chat from iOS to Android

Instead of this there is also a secondary and effective method to migrate WhatsApp chat from an Android to an iPhone requires users to download the ‘Move to iOS’ software, which can be used to securely know how to transfer WhatsApp from an Android to an iPhone, including contacts, messages, photographs, videos, email accounts, calendars, and now WhatsApp conversation history. Following a particular method will let you know how to transfer WhatsApp from Android to iPhone.

There are a few additional requirements to transfer WhatsApp from Android to iPhone

On your Android device, ensure that WhatsApp is up to date. Also, ensure that both phones are powered on and that they are linked to the same Wi-Fi network.

In order to transfer WhatsApp from Android to iPhone, you need to follow the instructions below.

If you’ve been using WhatsApp on an iPhone and want to move to an Android phone with your conversation history intact, you may do it with unlocked Android phones (however, even if it is, you may conduct a factory reset).

  • Begin by using a USB Type-C to Lightning connector to connect your iPhone to a freshly reset Android device. To import all or selected data from the iPhone to the Android smartphone, follow the on-screen instructions.
  • When the transmission is complete, hit the ‘Continue’ button and use your iPhone to scan the QR code displayed on the Android phone.
  • Finish by installing WhatsApp on the Android phone.
  • You can even move iOS WhatsApp data to select phones that aren’t running Android. It should be noted that some phones like the Samsung phone will still need to be reset.
  • Begin by resetting your device and connecting your iPhone to the phone when asked by the onboard smart-switch application using a USB Type-C to lightning connector.
  • Select all of the programs and data that you want to transfer, including WhatsApp. After that, you’ll be prompted to scan a QR code with your Android phone. This should launch WhatsApp on your iPhone, after which you may begin the data transfer by pressing the ‘Start’ button.
  • Finish configuring your Samsung handset, then install and use WhatsApp. To finalize the data transfer to your Samsung phone, log in with the same mobile number and select the “Import” option when requested.


If you change phones, you will maintain your account information, including your profile photo, about, individual conversations, group chats, and settings. Transferring your conversation history from an iPhone to an Android smartphone or from an Android device to an iPhone is now possible.

Follow the steps exactly as written, and you will be able to transfer WhatsApp chats from Android to iPhone in no time.


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