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Instagram Organic Content Strategy: What Works in 2023

You have to stick to the “Instagram content strategy” in order to succeed on Instagram. It will assist you in reaching your target audience, increasing interaction, and expanding your presence.

What is meant by Instagram content strategy?

The Instagram content strategy specifies your overall content goals and the methods you will use to attain them. For example, while developing an Instagram content strategy, you may split it into sections such as goals, Instagram rivals, types and styles of material you intend to share, and so on. It focuses on content strategy, development, distribution, and governance.

Why is it essential to know how to create an Instagram content strategy?

If you want to thrive on Instagram, you must share more than just gorgeous photographs; you must also be strategic with your content. If you know how to create an Instagram content strategy, it will assist you in reaching your target audience, increasing engagement, and expanding your presence. It informs you what to publish and how frequently to post to reach your goals. It points you in the right direction and shows you how to get there.

Using social media to build your business without a strategy may be too random or scattered to be effective. It specifies your overall content goals and the methods you will use to attain them. It directs the development, distribution, and administration of useful, usable content.

There are several strategies for slowly and organically increasing your Instagram following

Using these Instagram growth techniques, such as providing a diverse range of content and cultivating customer connections, will yield consistent results that can help you resist algorithm changes far better than accounts that rely on spam tactics. Check-in on your Instagram statistics as you use these methods to observe how your account is expanding. If there are huge surges on specific days, investigate what sort of material was posted and how people interacted with it.

This allows you to think about which approaches were most effective and adapt your plan even further for the future.

How to create an Instagram content strategy?

  • Choose the social media networks you will utilize

You must pick your platforms before starting your organic social media plan. Examine where your target audience spends their time to choose the ideal Instagram content strategy channel for your brand. Send an email to your existing customers to conduct a brief survey. Take this chance to thank them for their business and let them know you’d like to connect with them.

  • Use Instagram Reels

Instagram users spend around 20% of their time viewing “reels” on the platform, which is still the fastest-growing format. This is the one modification you should make to your social plan to prioritize building your Instagram account. Check out our blog post on utilizing Instagram reels for business to learn all you need to know about making professional Instagram reels.

  • Make it easy for customers to find you on Instagram

Increase your Instagram presence by making it easy for clients and prospects to find you. If you use numerous social media sites, use the same account name on all of them to make it easier for others to locate you. Connect your Instagram pages and accounts. You should also include a link to your social media pages on your website. Linking will help your visitors connect with your organic Instagram posts!

  • Post regularly

Adding new followers is only one part of the Instagram growth equation. The second half is retaining existing followers, so your follower count continues growing. You will get a consistent supply of relevant content that keeps people interested without overwhelming their feeds. Finding the proper rhythm for your brand may take some trial and error. With any growth strategy, it’s important to keep an eye on your Instagram statistics to discover what’s working well.

  • Using a content calendar, plan your organic social media postings for the month

A content calendar is a straightforward yet critical tool for your organic social media campaign. Organizing your organic social media content a month ahead is a good idea. Why? A content calendar is a monthly summary of your organic social media content that may help you establish a consistent strategy and discover content gaps. Your content schedule helps you balance your content throughout the month so you don’t overshare one piece of content.

Preparing for seasonal and holiday pieces to stay current with your fans is another advantage of using a content calendar.

Why is it essential to invest in Instagram content strategy creation and diversity?

Engagement is no longer confined to posts in the feed. The Instagram content strategy now includes Story responses, IGTV episode views, and Story mentions. With an ever-expanding choice of content formats like Instagram Reels, you can improve your engagement rates and, as a result, your organic Instagram growth. If you’ve done in-feed articles or experimented with stories on the side, we recommend committing to a few weekly stories to develop consistency and plan content.

With several methods to utilize Stories to build Instagram followers, it’s a chance to evaluate what connects with your target audience.

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