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Is Marketing on Twitter Worth It? 4 Ways to Leverage Twitter In Your Marketing

Twitter is a successful marketing technique because it allows you to distribute content and initiate discussions with your target audience instantly. Marketing on Twitter helps your audience find your Tweets and content worthwhile and, preferably, share them with their followers. Brands must be more deliberate in their Twitter marketing strategy to stand out and keep their audience engaged.

What is Twitter Marketing?

A Twitter marketing strategy is a strategy that focuses on generating, publishing, and distributing content for your buyer personas, audience, and followers via the social media network. Marketing on Twitter is a digital marketing technique for Twitter advertising. Its goal is to broaden your audience, promote your items, and generate traffic to your website. Twitter is a place where anything may happen. Twitter advertising may help you expand your audience, market your products, boost traffic to your website, and more.

You can opt to promote your account to get new followers or particular tweets to increase interaction and campaign awareness. You can upgrade your account to get new followers or specific tweets to increase interaction and campaign awareness.

Twitter marketing Strategy

Why should you choose Marketing on Twitter?

Because of the audience’s reactivity and eagerness to participate, marketers have discovered Twitter to be a vital element of their marketing plans. The Twitter audience is simply different. Compared to other prominent social media networks, people on Twitter spend 26% more time watching ads1. Marketing on Twitter is the process through which businesses use Twitter to develop and distribute information to specific audiences, establish community interest in their brand, and ultimately drive sales.

Twitter enables businesses to connect with a global pool of prospective clients.

How to leverage Marketing on Twitter?

What matters most is that you understand how to handle the Twitter ad space properly, including the types of advertising to employ, your personalization choices, and the quality of your content. By Marketing on Twitter you efficiently reach your target audience and will also successfully generate bottom-of-the-funnel clicks to applications, landing pages, and websites.

  1. Promoted Ads

Promoted Ads are regular Tweets purchased by marketers that wish to reach a larger audience or engage their existing followers. When advertisers pay for their presence on Twitter, explicitly identify all Promoted Ads as such. Marketing on Twitter can help it gain more reach and interaction. If you have a considerable following, boosting a tweet can ensure more people see it. Marketers may use Promoted Ads to highlight goods, solutions, and business culture in a basic yet subtle manner.

Promoting a tweet is also an excellent strategy to reach individuals who don’t currently follow you or to target a particular audience. Twitter allows you to create awareness and expand your audience most naturally and effectively as possible. You may share your content, communicate with your audience, participate in brand-related conversations, and ultimately be all over the place and create an effect.

  1. Follower Ads

Follower Ads recommends Twitter accounts that users do not presently follow but may interest you. They aid in the introduction of a broader range of accounts that customers may enjoy. Follower Ads are the end product of a follower’s campaign. Follower Ads, like Promoted Ads, use a promoted tag to distinguish them from other account suggestions. Individuals that follow you with Follower Ads are more likely to convert into advocates or fans, resulting in long-term partnerships rather than one-time customers.

Conversations and interaction with the intended audience are fundamental to Twitter marketing strategy. Brands must prioritise a good balance of responses, organic tweets, retweets, Twitter takes, and advertisements. Increase your following by participating in Twitter discussions.

  1. Trend and Timeline Takeovers

Trend Takeovers are premium advertising specifically built for large accounts to take the top place of their targeted consumers’ trending area on mobile applications and online browsers. Because self-managed accounts do not have access to this, it is best suited for business brands with ample resources, a strong following, and a well-established identity. Let’s say you want to go a step further.

In that case, Trend Takeover+ incorporates video into your message, resulting in an immersive tale that is eye-catching and guaranteed discussion starter. Timeline Takeover, on the other hand, places your brand at the top of your targeted user’s feed, providing you quick visibility as soon as they open their app. Twitter’s mass awareness ad bundle is only available for one day. Timeline, like Trend, has an auto-play movie that gives consumers a quick visual story of your campaign.

  1. Twitter Live

Twitter Live is just for business-to-consumer marketing (B2C). Businesses have established more authentic human brands by interacting on Twitter. Real-time Engagement Twitter was the first to use real-time marketing. Nowadays, no major live event goes by without companies and marketers attempting to capitalise on it. Twitter’s competitive advantages include its ability to communicate in real-time, worldwide reach, ease of use, and public exposure. These elements continue to attract new users while also keeping existing ones engaged.


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