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LinkedIn and GitHub Launch 40+ Free Courses

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Over 40+ Free Courses will be made available through a partnership between LinkedIn and GitHub for free for a short period (End of Feb 2023). All you need is a computer connected to the internet and a LinkedIn account. GitHub Codespaces doesn’t require any installation because it operates in the cloud. In a statement, LinkedIn claims that upgrading your skills is essential regardless of your level of experience as a developer.


You may network with individuals and businesses in your sector using LinkedIn. Network with individuals and businesses is a fantastic method to remain current on new advancements and exchange knowledge with industry experts.


A platform for online software development is called GitHub. It is employed for archiving, monitoring, and collaboration on software projects. It makes it simple for developers to cooperate on open-source projects and share code files.

LinkedIn and GitHub

Should you put GitHub on LinkedIn?

Your abilities are highlighted on LinkedIn by adding your GitHub account. On GitHub, IT firms and employers will look you up. Using LinkedIn’s Talent Solutions, recruiters may find fresh talent, so you must highlight your GitHub account on your LinkedIn page.

Can your LinkedIn profile have links to your GitHub profile?

You may include it under “contact information” as a custom website. Visit your LinkedIn profile and select Contact Info > Websites. Select “Other” for the website type, and then enter “GitHub” in the following textbox. In the URL field, type the URL of your GitHub profile. Then Save.

How to add GitHub to LinkedIn?

There is no specific GitHub field on your profile on LinkedIn. However, you can integrate GitHub with LinkedIn with a few little adjustments.

  • Look for the “Me” area in the upper right corner of the LinkedIn homepage.
  • Click the tab, and then choose “View Profile.”
  • After that, locate and click the “Contact Info” option.
  • Choose the “Edit” button located in the top right corner.
  • Pick “Add a website” from the menu.
  • Set the tab to “Other” from “Personal” and enter the GitHub profile URL.
  • Select “Save.”

LinkedIn and GitHub Launches Free Courses combined to introduce the new LinkedIn Learning with the GitHub Codespaces interface

With the new functionality, software engineers may learn from anywhere and practice skills they will need in the field. The LinkedIn and GitHub Launches Free Courses, available for free from now until February 28, 2023, are described in more detail here.

The LinkedIn Announcement on LinkedIn and GitHub

Upskilling is essential whether you’re an experienced developer or just starting. They combined LinkedIn skills, expertise, and professional content with the most modern GitHub hands-on practice technology to introduce the new LinkedIn Learning with GitHub Codespaces integration. The new feature of LinkedIn and GitHub allows software developers to see a course and receive real-world application materials from anywhere.

LinkedIn and GitHub launches 40+ Free Courses

LinkedIn stated that 40+ free courses with GitHub Codespaces integration will soon be available. Until the end of February, LinkedIn and GitHub are offering the following tools completely free:

  1. Practice It: Python Data Structures
  2. CSS for Programmers
  3. Hands-On Introduction: Go
  4. Level Up: C
  5. Hands-On Introduction: ASP.NET Razor Pages
  6. JavaScript: Functions
  7. Hands-On Introduction: Java
  8. Hands-On Introduction: JavaScript
  9. Level-Up: Go
  10. Hands-On Introduction: React
  11. Level-Up: Python Data Acquisitions, Prep, and EDA
  12. Practice It: JavaScript Loops and Conditionals
  13. Practice It: Java
  14. Machine Learning with Python: Association Rules
  15. Level Up: Java
  16. Level Up: SQL
  17. Level Up: Python
  18. Data Cleaning in Python Essential Training
  19. Learning Bash Scripting
  20. Level Up: Advanced Python
  21. Data Science Foundations: Python Scientific Stack
  22. Hands-On Introduction: Python
  23. Practice It: SQL Joins
  24. 8 Git Commands You Should Know
  25. Hands-On Introduction: SQL
  26. Training Neural Networks in Python
  27. Machine Learning with Python: Logistic Regression
  28. Practice It: Go REST API Server
  29. Level Up: PHP
  30. Hands-On Introduction: PHP
  31. Building Monorepos on GitHub
  32. CSS: Animation
  33. Tailwind CSS 3 Essential Training
  34. CSS Layout Code Challenges
  35. CSS Tips
  36. Controlling CSS With JavaScript
  37. CSS: Enhancing Interfaces with Animation
  38. CSS: Images
  39. CSS: Scrolling and Parallax
  40. ESLint: Integrating with your Workflow
  41. ESLint: Checking for Syntax and Logic Errors
  42. ESLint: Customizing Styles


From now until February 28, 2023, all of the free LinkedIn and GitHub courses listed above may be accessible online for nothing. All you need is a computer with an internet connection and a LinkedIn account. Since GitHub Codespaces runs on the cloud, there is nothing to input.

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