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Microsoft Rolls Out iCloud Photos integration for Windows 11 Photos App

Finding all their images on their PCs will soon be a little simpler for Windows 11 customers who use iPhones. Viewing images and videos made on an iPhone on a PC should be more straightforward, thanks to the new Windows 11 Photos’ direct integration with Apple iCloud Photos. The Microsoft and Apple agreement to eventually make Apple Music and Apple TV applications available on the Microsoft Store in 2023 was revealed last month, along with the Photos-iCloud Photos connection.

Users of Windows 11 must download the Photos app update from the Microsoft Store


By the end of the month, all Windows 11 users should have access to the integration. With this functionality’s help, iPhone users can connect their iCloud Photos to the Photos app on Windows 11 PCs. All Windows 11 users will have access to the iCloud Photos integration by the end of November, according to Microsoft, which has already begun rolling out the service. A new gallery view is part of the update and offers an additional way to browse the pictures.

Users using Windows 11 must first upgrade the Photos app from the Microsoft Store. The next step is downloading the iCloud for Windows software from the Store, logging in, and choosing which picture libraries should sync to the Photos app automatically. Apple and Microsoft worked together to integrate iCloud Photos, and they have plans to make Apple Music and Apple TV applications available for Windows soon.

Microsoft has introduced four new capabilities to Teams, including assigning seats in Together mode, creating video clips, popping out shared material into a new window, and using templates tied to Microsoft 365.


How do you access the New Photos App in Windows 11 to iCloud Photos?

If you have the most recent version of the Photos app, follow these instructions to make the iCloud Photos and Windows integration function. Look for the update in the Microsoft Store app.

  • STEP 1:

Installing Apple’s iCloud for Windows application is the first step. Not to worry, the connection would not take place directly within the Photos app. The revised Photos app provides some simple setup instructions to guide you through the process, and when you first open it, a splash screen describing the new features appears. You are now in the actual Photos interface after dismissing the welcome page.

  • STEP 2:

Just below the OneDrive area in the left navigation bar, take note of the iCloud Photos icon.

  • STEP 3:

When you choose the iCloud Photos icon, a page with the blue “Get iCloud for Windows” button appears. This page provides the iCloud Photos app for Windows, streamlining the procedure and eliminating the need to search in the Microsoft store or visit Apple’s website. You then see a brief dialogue box that allows you to skip the app store.

  • STEP 4:

After clicking Install, you tap Open and accept the User Account Control permission window.

  • STEP 5:

Then, a dialogue box that appears to be from Apple asks you to sign in to your iCloud account.

  • STEP 6:

If you have multi-factor authentication set up, you must confirm the login using your iPhone or another Apple device, just like you must every time you sign into an Apple account on a new appliance

  • STEP 7:

You should now be able to view the actual iCloud app UI—select Photos in the box on the right to get your iCloud photographs to appear in Windows Photos. Nothing else has to be synchronised there.

  • STEP 8:

After that, you may decide whether to provide Apple diagnostic data. After selecting, a new iCloud Photos icon appears in Windows File Explorer.

  • STEP 9:

Then, a notification stating that the material is incompatible with OneDrive and a synchronising animation indicating that the iCloud photographs are loading appear. There is no need for concern. In the Photos app, the two cloud-syncing services will coexist.

What Else Is Changing In The Windows 11 Photo App?


The revamped Photographs app has a new look, more features, better ways to organise and display your photos, Memories, multi-windowing, greater OneDrive integration, and the ability to sync your iCloud photos to Windows. Unfortunately, certain essential functions are being removed, at least according to the beta. ClipChamp has replaced the video editing features, and there is no longer a People section to recognise and arrange photographs with faces.

You can no longer search for things using artificial intelligence or even organise using albums. We may still expect the reintroduction of these features as its still version 1. Commenters have brought up these omissions in the Windows Feedback app. An official response states, “We’ve got this,” indicating that Microsoft is aware of the omissions and is working to fix them. You may still get Photos Legacy from the Microsoft Store if you prefer the earlier version of the software.

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