New GST rates applicable from 18th july

New GST Rates Applicable from 18th July | Impact Your Household Budget

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The New GST rates for 1,211 items and services have been determined. GST rates for all items and services will be 5%, 8%, 18%, and 28%, respectively. There is also a list of things that are considered ‘necessary’ and will be subject to a 0% Goods and Services Tax. New Rates will bring a lot of changes in the daily lives of ordinary people.

New GST rates will be implemented on a variety of food goods beginning Monday. These include pre-packaged cereals, lentils, wheat, buttermilk, curd, and paneer. Previously, these household products were excluded from GST. However, they are now subject to a 5% tax. New Rates might benefit ordinary people who are already battling inflation by easing their wallets even further.

At the most recent GST Council meeting in Chandigarh, it was determined that the New GST rates would be applied to a range of commodities. These tariffs went into effect today, July 18, 2018. Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation (GCMMF), the country’s largest dairy producer, announced a 5% price increase for buttermilk, curd, and lassi under the Amul brand.

The impending regime will make entertainment, domestic, and personal care items more affordable because of the New GST rates.

New GST rates, on the other side, allowed most services, such as mobile phone services, healthcare, and transportation, which are presently taxed at a rate of 15%, would cost higher under the GST system, as they are likely to incur an 18% tax under the GST regime.

New GST rates

In the New Rates, there are also proposals to boost the price of Tetra Pak-packaged beverages by 5%. Tetra Packs are now subject to an 18% GST tax, up from a prior rate of 12%. Tetra Pax is used for packaging dairy products and liquid drinks.

Manish Bandish, the MD of Mother Dairy Fruit and Vegetable, noted that the increased GST rates had affected the pricing of various commodities.

As a result of the revised tariffs, your monthly budget, which includes immediate purchases, may be impacted. According to ClearTax, food items will become less expensive as the GST rate is reduced to 5% from 12.5 percent currently. Furthermore, the GST rate for entertainment has decreased to 28 percent from 30 percent previously.

According to preliminary calculations, a household now paying Rs 74,350 per month will save Rs 2000 per month after GST was implemented on July 1, 2017.

According to Srivatsan Krishnamurthy, business leader (cold chain) at CavinKare, which offers milkshakes, paneer, lassi, and buttermilk under the Cavin brand, the regulated dairy sector is already under a lot of strain as a result of rising input costs. As a result of the GST being added to dairy products, customers will pay more for them.

Prepackaged beans, wheat, cereals, curd, and lassi are now subject to GST for the first time. Retailers claim that this will affect customers who want to buy loose items from the grocery store. The government has said unequivocally that even if these commodities are still placed in bags or bundles weighing more than 25 kg, they would not be subject to GST.

The Union Finance Ministry has also clarified the situation. According to New GST rates, GST would not be charged if a single package of food commodities such as rice, wheat, or pulses weighs more than 25 kg.

What are the New GST rates July?

Starting Monday, everything will become more expensive according to the New GST rates july.

  • Pre-packaged, labeled food items like atta, paneer, and curd are subject to a 5% GST.
  • 12% GST on hotel rooms with daily rates of up to Rs 1,000, maps, and charts.
  • 5% GST on hospital rooms (excluding ICU) with a rent of more than Rs. 5,000.

The New GST rates july might bring a lot of changes in the economy, and time will tell are they a boon or bane for us. The New GST Rates july will include a change for Industry and Machine Items. Based on industry requests, the GST Council resolved to reduce the charge on job work for specific industries from 18% to 5%. This is excellent news for individuals affected because it reduces the tax burden.

The burden on the average man is poised to rise as household gst rates on everyday necessities such as packaged kitchen products and low-cost hotel accommodations are raised. If high inflation has already strained your household budget, be prepared to bear some additional stress as a result of the increased household GST rates.

Consumers may have to spend more on their daily shopping as the government revises household GST rates on a variety of commodities to raise government income, streamline rates, and eliminate conflicts.


According to the new household GST rates, packaged and labeled food goods weighing up to 25 Kg per pack or retail pack are among the primary categories that have seen tariff changes. While some items were previously free from GST, they will now be subject to a 5% levy. This implies that consumer staples like packaged wheat flour or atta, pulses (dal, chana, etc.), and cereals like packaged rice would be up to 5% more expensive starting today. Similarly, milk, curd (dahi), lassi, and puffed rice would be subject to a 5% GST.


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