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(Update) Everything About the New Searchable Instagram Map Feature

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Instagram has introduced a new ‘Instagram Map Search’ function that allows users to discover companies and places using the search Instagram by map feature. Users may also get information about the listed company and public postings tagged in that place using the new Instagram location map. Users may now search for restaurants, entertainment venues, cafés, stores, and much more, similar to Google Maps, by using Instagram map. The reappearance of location stories is another aspect of the new Instagram maps feature.

Furthermore, the social media network will allow users to search for companies using hashtags and display their working hours, price information, location, and profile links. Users may freely browse through public stories of marked locations on the new Instagram maps and explore the search Instagram locations feature.

Instagram Map

How can one locate the new Instagram Map feature?

The new feature of the search Instagram map is being tested and is only available to Instagram users in Australia and New Zealand. If you live in one of these countries and want to test out the new function, update your Instagram app. If you are still not seeing a new position, the firm may select Instagram accounts randomly to test the new choices, and yours may appear later.

Despite the lack of official information, we can certainly anticipate a complete feature rollout in different nations to begin shortly.

How does Instagram’s map search work?

Now, let’s see how the Instagram map works:

  • Click the top right map icon in your Explore tab.
  • If you provide Instagram access to your location, it will automatically display what is trending in your immediate vicinity.
  • Search for a location by typing its name into the search field or selecting one of the available categories.
  • Type in the location, city, product, service, or hashtags to find locations. 
  • Drag it or click on the Instagram geotag to see a bigger map version.

How to appear in the Instagram map search?

A new Instagram location map is a valuable tool that may help companies gain awareness and make it easier for users to discover different locations. As previously said, similar to Google Maps, consumers may see photographs and user-generated posts on the Instagram maps that are social evidence of your product/service.

The Instagram location search is a new feature recently added to Instagram. Using an Instagram location search, anyone may see the precise location of where a user is posting if their profile is public and their picture map is enabled. With the Instagram location search, even if a person’s profile is hidden, but the picture map is turned on, their friends may view the location data for each photograph.

  • Tap Search in the top search bar. 
  • Enter the place’s name, and then hit the search button in the lower right corner of your keyboard.
  • Tap Places to the right of the search box to view a list of locations that match your criteria. 
  • Choose the location for which you wish to see posts.

The search Instagram locations tool is intended to help users find popular nearby areas via tagged posts, Stories, and guides posted by other users. Users may identify relevant areas on the map when searching with specific hashtags. You may add a specific geotagged location to your Instagram posts with the search Instagram locations feature.

So, here are a few pointers to help you make the most of Instagram’s newest feature:

First, create a category for your company profile so that it appears whenever consumers search by category.

To create a category for your Instagram page, follow these steps:

  • Under your Instagram bio, click “Edit Profile.”
  • Select “Category”

Second, provide your location in your photographs, including older ones.

Third, don’t dismiss the power of hashtags.

Conduct research to see how people search for sites similar to yours, and then utilize the most relevant hashtags to increase your presence. Use geographical hashtags and hashtags particular to your company while using Instagram’s new map search tool.

#Stockholm is an example of a location hashtag#takeaway is an example of a specialized hashtag.

Advantages of Using Instagram Map Search

As previously stated, the new Instagram function allows users to search for new areas straight from the platform. As a result, the app becomes a valuable tool for gathering critical information about any organization.

The new option also provides an excellent chance for small enterprises to:

  • Make yourself visible on a map to overseas visitors.
  • Increase foot traffic by making yourself more visible.
  • Encourage visitors and guests to produce and share more user-generated content from your location.

Users may engagingly locate new and uncharted destinations using the new Instagram map feature. This is an excellent opportunity for SMEs to gain more visibility and better direct contact with their visitors using an app they are most likely currently using. So, as soon as the Instagram map feature becomes available, complete the above procedures and take full advantage of Instagram map feature.


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