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Reasons why you should use Telegram instead of Whatsapp

Telegram has quickly grown to become one of the most famous chat apps. Its primary benefit is anonymity, which it provides through end-to-end encryption. You may have heard this often, but it simply means that users outside of a discussion cannot view the conversation. In other terms, it keeps eavesdroppers out. It allows you to establish your username so that you can be discovered using its search engine.

What is Telegram?

Telegram messenger is a cross-platform, private, cloud-based and centralized global instant chat software. It enables you to share and receive messages from your friends without disclosing your phone number. It protects through end-to-end encryption, which means that they are secure when you transmit communications. However, they are decrypted once they reach Telegram computers, exposing you. Online messaging software lets you transmit texts to contacts while linked to Wi-Fi or mobile data. Telegram includes video conversations, group discussions, and 20,000 emoticons.

Features of Telegram

The following are the features of Telegram:

  • Share your live location

Sharing your position allows others to track your progress to a place or keep a watch out for your protection. To share a location in Telegram, start a conversation, press the paper clip button, and select the location. You have the option of sharing your present or live address. Send My Current Location will provide a one-time report on your current location. The program allows you to alter this directly before sending, so take your time with locations.

Aside from directly selecting a spot on the map, you can also select a close location from a list. Share My Live Location keeps that conversation updated for the duration you designate. When using this, be cautious not to reveal too much information.

  • Editing sent messages

Unlike more developed messaging tools like Slack, this is a function that most other messaging applications do not have, and Telegram excels at. And it has had an effect! This year, WhatsApp revealed that they are working on an editing button, and even editing-obsessed Twitter is looking into methods to enable users to change their tweets.

  • Lock your Chats

Telegram is intended to be a personal communications tool, but end-to-end encryption is ineffective if someone gains physical access to your phone. As a result, the software enables you to protect your conversations with a passcode and biometric authentication.

  • Edit Photos/Videos (before sending them)

You don’t need an individual image/video maker to improve the quality of your photos/videos. Thanks to its simple UI, you can do it directly in the Telegram app. To modify photos/videos, hit “attach file” and choose a file from the library or take a new one with your camera. After that, you’ll see several options for editing the file before emailing it. Cropping images, adjusting hues, exposure, and contrast, and adding emoticons and text to movies are all options.

  • Voice-to-text Video

Telegram, among other things, has introduced voice-to-text for video communications. Since the debut of Telegram Premium, subscribers have been able to convert any voice communication to text – for times when reading rather than listening is more practical. This new update extends the capability to video communications, enabling Premium users to receive an immediately written transcript.

  • Scheduled and Silent Messages

You can schedule messages to be sent at a specific moment in Telegram. You can also send silent texts without music if you don’t want to disturb the recipient. This feature is helpful if you need to send a note to your boss while they are in a conference or if you need to send something essential to a friend while they are out with their family.

Users can write out their messages and long touch on the submit icon instead of pressing it to plan and send silent messages.

Reasons why to Telegram instead of WhatsApp

The reason to use Telegram instead of WhatsApp is that it allows you to share texts, video files, audio notes, and much more through its cloud. It also provides end-to-end security, so no one else can hear what you’re saying.

Let’s look at why you should use Telegram instead of WhatsApp.

  • Storage is limitless

Telegram offers limitless storage; they will save text conversations, images, video files, and papers on their cloud. You can log out and enter from any number of devices simultaneously without missing any data; you don’t need to think about backup and restoring. You can examine the live sessions and see which platforms you are currently logged into. As a result, you can obtain any file at any moment and from any location.

  • Larger Groups

WhatsApp currently supports 256 individuals in groups, which is a lot and probably more than you’ll ever need. Still, Telegram blasts it out of the water by supporting up to 200,000 people in groups established in the app. An excessive number of people, but the peripheral uses it could apply to be worth noting as a benefit of WhatsApp.

  • Devices

Telegram is accessible for installation on cellphones, tablets, and PCs, with iOS, Android, macOS, and desktop applications. Telegram Web allows you to join online as well. Furthermore, the Telegram API is available to developers, which means you can find unauthorized applications made for devices other than those listed above, such as Xbox. WhatsApp is also accessible on cellphones, tablets, and computers running iOS, Android, and Windows.

  • Media Compression

Users can choose whether to compress or transmit the raw picture and video. You can, for example, transmit a raw jpeg picture in either raw or compressed form. If you want to keep the content as is, transmit it without compression.

  • Secret discussions

One of the most significant benefits of using Telegram instead of WhatsApp is the ability to have secret conversations, which is currently unavailable on WhatsApp. The app encrypts the talks you choose to keep private, increasing your privacy and preventing potential incidents that are too frequent on WhatsApp. The exciting part is that you can specify how long the chat will last so that it is automatically deleted when it arrives.

  • Data and Privacy

When Meta unveiled its new conditions of service in 2021, a significant number of WhatsApp users abandoned the ship. WhatsApp users were forced to agree to data sharing with the parent business or lose access to the service under these conditions. Telegram’s data handling practices, like Whatsapp’s, have been called into doubt.


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