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What is Social Listening? Quick, Easy Guide for 2023

Social listening lets you better understand what your target audience expects from your company. For example, a current customer may tweet about how much they enjoy your product. Alternatively, you may encounter a conversation in which individuals seek answers that your product or service may supply. Its technologies are excellent for comparing your brand to your competitors. This social listening guide for 2023 will assist you in understanding the topic in deep.

What is Social Listening?

Social listening, also known as social media listening, is discovering and assessing what is being said about a company, individual, product, or brand on the internet. Online conversations generate massive volumes of unstructured data. It monitors social media platforms for brand, competition, and relevant keyword mentions. It entails studying brand-related interactions and trends. It is all about locating and evaluating relevant internet discussions for your business to take appropriate action.

It is the process of tracking discussions and mentions about a certain topic on social media platforms and then analyzing them to gain insights into your actions to improve the experience. Social listening, more especially for companies, is the act of comprehending the online discourse about your brand and your products and services.

What are Social Listening Tools?

A social media listening tool is software that watches and analyses online conversations regarding your brand, a certain topic, your rivals, or anything else important to your business. It collects mentions of specific keywords and assists marketers in analyzing these discussions. It entails studying brand-related interactions and trends. These include discussions about your firm, competitors, and the industry. The insights gained from these discussions are utilized to create sound marketing decisions.

The five Ws (and one H!) of social listening are as follows:

  1. Who is your target audience?
  2. What does your target audience want?
  3. When does your audience interact with you?
  4. Where do you think your target audience is most active and engaged?
  5. Why is your target audience talking about you?
  6. How can you improve your service to your audience?

Difference between monitoring and social listening

Monitoring is focused on a single firm, brand, product, or campaign, whereas social listening includes brand mentions and whole categories, sectors, events, or need states. You may use social listening to learn how people talk about you, your rivals, and the wider market environment. Your sales team uses social listening to uncover new prospects, but your marketing team uses social monitoring to understand what rivals are doing.

Focused listening can reveal which social networks your target audience is most engaged on and will assist you in analyzing sentiment against your brands, products, rivals, or industry. By determining your social media strategy through social listening, your organization will save time and money.

Purpose of social listening

Social listening serves the following purposes:

  • Monitor and evaluate sentiment analysis
  • Boost brand awareness
  • Keep up with industry trends
  • Perform a competitive analysis
  • Management of crises

How to do social listening?

There are 6 steps involved in social listening:

  1. Establish your objectives
  2. Choose a social listening tool
  3. Select the terms you wish to track
  4. Create a monitoring project
  5. Utilize social listening data
  6. Optimize, expand, and carry on

Social listening tips

The following are a few social listening guide for 2023 tips:

  • Identify pain spots.
  • Select strategic keywords and topics to track.
  • It may be used to improve your customer feedback process.
  • Follow recommended postings in your sector to generate leads.

Benefits of social listening

The following are a few benefits of social listening:

  • Improve your customer service

Customer service is an important use of social listening. People now use the Internet to vent about bad encounters with products and services. Furthermore, people seek answers to issues and applaud businesses for providing excellent service. This social listening guide for 2023 provides firms with a significant advantage when dealing with customers who have had issues with their products.

  • Increased Engagement Opportunities

The capacity to comprehend social media users’ discussions about your company or brand, whether or not they tag you directly, is a significant benefit of social media listening. When companies try to reach out to their customers, it results in greater engagement and brand loyalty.

  • Manage Brand Health and Reputation

Your customers are raving about you. People discuss how they like or detest anything you provide on social media, forums, and blogs, which affects your income, growth, brand health, and reputation. With social listening, you can swiftly enter conversations and take control of the problem before a significant reputation crisis arises.

  • Obtaining Pitches and Obtaining New Clients

By securing proposals with more precise data, social listening solutions bring excellent value to your agency. Pitches are used in business to promote company ideas to third parties. Social listening technologies may speak for you when pitching a new customer. Furthermore, the technologies compare you to the prospective client’s previous digital data. It customizes your pitches to be client-specific, allowing you to obtain new clients.

  • Monitor and evaluate your marketing activities

Nowadays, specialized hashtag campaigns are rather popular. Monitoring online conversations on social media will assist you in gathering data that boosts your brand’s marketing activities. Social media tracking tools compute reach, engagement, sentiment, and other data that evaluate your marketing efforts. Furthermore, you may quickly export the data to demonstrate the benefits of social listening to your clients.


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