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WhatsApp bans 23.24 lakh accounts in India in October

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The instant messaging app India WhatsApp ban includes 23.24 lakh accounts in India, including 8.11 lakh accounts that were prohibited proactively before being detected by users. The number of accounts blocked in October was almost 13% lower than the 26.85 lakh accounts blacklisted in September by the messaging platform.

701 Complaints were received in September

Last year, stricter IT regulations went into place. Large digital platforms (those with over 50 lakh users) must produce monthly compliance reports, including complaints and actions taken in response. According to the most recent data, India WhatsApp received 701 complaints in September, with only 34 being investigated. Five hundred fifty of the total complaints were for account freezing.

Previously, it reported that the phone numbers of around 500 million India WhatsApp users had been made available for purchase online. Raising the prospect of one of the most significant data breaches in history. According to a source, an advertisement has been put on a hacking community site saying that the cellphone numbers of around 500 million WhatsApp users are for sale.

The database contains the mobile phone numbers of WhatsApp users from 84 countries, and now WhatsApp ban including 23.24 lakh accounts in India. America, the United Kingdom, Egypt, Italy, Saudi Arabia, and India are among them.

whatsapp ban

WhatsApp said this big thing

According to the WhatsApp ban policy update, in addition to reacting to and acting on user concerns via the complaint channel, WhatsApp employs technologies and resources to prevent harmful activity on the network. WhatsApp news India stated, “We are focused only on prevention because we feel that it is preferable to avoid bad conduct than to identify it after the damage.” Requesting the ban of 550 WhatsApp accounts but blocked 34.

Specific sectors have frequently raised concerns about digital platforms acting arbitrarily in removing material and ‘de-platforming’ people. The Government of India proposed provisions for establishing a grievance appeal procedure for comprehensive technology businesses’ arbitrary content moderation, inactivity, or removal decisions last week. According to the most recent WhatsApp ban report, the platform received 701 complaints in September but only addressed 34. Except when a grievance is confirmed to be duplicate of a prior ticket, they reply to all grievances received.

Major social media sites have come under fire for allowing hate speech, disinformation, and false news to circulate on their platforms. An account is ‘actioned’ when it is banned or a previously WhatsApp ban account reinstate due to a complaint. In addition to reacting to and acting on user concerns via the grievance channel, according to the research, WhatsApp uses tools and resources to prevent harmful activity on the network.

According to the company, they mainly focus on prevention because they believe that preventing harmful activity is far preferable to detecting it after harm has occurred.

How WhatsApp Ban Accounts?

WhatsApp also uses automatic tools to detect spam or fake users. The platform’s abuse detention operates on three phases of an account’s lifestyle:

  • upon registration,
  • during messaging, and
  • reacting to adverse comments.

India WhatsApp receives User complaints and reports through user reports and blockages. The analysts then supplement these algorithms to examine edge cases and assist us in increasing our performance over time.

What to do if WhatsApp ban your account?

Some user accounts were likely banned inadvertently, for insufficient reasons, or due to a misunderstanding. Furthermore, they still need advance notice. When you try to use WhatsApp in that instance, you will receive the message “Your phone number is blocked from accessing WhatsApp.” For assistance, get in touch with support.” If you believe your account was banned inadvertently or without cause, you must contact the messaging app at “wa@support.whatsapp.com” to further explore the matter.


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