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WhatsApp new feature that makes it easier to message yourself

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We all message ourselves for notes, reminders, or grocery lists, but WhatsApp new feature to message yourself makes the process easier. There’s no reason to store your phone number or delisted contacts. According to parent Meta, WhatsApp has added a new feature that allows you to send messages to yourself, such as reminders and grocery lists. With WhatsApp new feature, users may send notes, reminders, and shopping lists to themselves.

What is WhatsApp new Feature to message yourself?

The Message Yourself tool is a 1:1 discussion with yourself where you may send yourself messages, reminders, and updates as required. On WhatsApp, users may keep track of their to-do lists and send themselves notes, reminders, shopping lists, etc. It is a feature that allows you to message yourself in a way. It’s a conversation only you can see and access and you may post as you would in any other chat.

WhatsApp new Feature to message yourself, takes important notes, store online links, and upload documents and voice notes.

WhatsApp New Feature

You may communicate with yourself one-on-one to send notes, reminders, and updates as required with WhatsApp new feature to message yourself

Users may use WhatsApp to keep track of their tasks and send themselves notes, reminders, and shopping lists. It will be fascinating to see how this WhatsApp new feature to message yourself develops because it has the potential to benefit WhatsApp users in a variety of ways. They allow users to keep important messages and access them from a single location.

Previously, users had to star communications, which can be saved by long tapping a message, which brings up a dialogue box with the option of staring a message, which saves it in a different folder. These starred messages are accessed by clicking the three dots in the app’s upper right corner. Some users could also communicate themselves through the wa.me URL utilising the app’s ‘click to talk’ function.

However, this WhatsApp new feature to message yourself will simplify the process and reduce the extra work users must undertake to keep crucial communications private.

In four simple steps, here’s how to utilise WhatsApp new Feature to Message Yourself

The following are the steps for using the WhatsApp new Feature to Message Yourself

  • Open WhatsApp
  • Make a new chat
  • Your contact will be at the very top of the list
  • Start Messaging by clicking on your phone number

You may also share photographs, movies, audio, and documents directly from the photo gallery or file manager on your smartphone. To do so, open the material you wish to share, hit the Share icon, and then select WhatsApp. Select your contact card from the list. Meanwhile, WhatsApp just added a Polls function to its site. Users may use this functionality to run surveys in groups and personal conversations.

The WhatsApp new Feature to Message Yourself will be available for users having iOS (version and Android (version

WhatsApp new feature to message yourself will benefit users in more ways than one. It will not only let you send critical papers, reminders, and photos to yourself, but it will also allow you to share vital information with your other devices if you have linked your WhatsApp to them.

What will happen when you use WhatsApp new Feature to Message Yourself?

Fill up the message field and send it like any other mail. You’ll get the same message in a grey bubble when you text yourself—using iMessage to text yourself. So the dialogue is two-part, which is why it’s so easy to fake a conversation.

Prior to this WhatsApp users has to rely on a workaround to message them on the platform

To transmit messages, images, and videos to oneself, they use the URL wa.me/ followed by a ten-digit number. However, with the new functionality, users may quickly start a conversation by selecting their phone number from the contact list. Users will see their contact card at the top of the list as ‘Message Yourself.’

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