You are currently viewing WhatsApp releases feature showing profile photos in group chats to some iOS beta users: Report

WhatsApp releases feature showing profile photos in group chats to some iOS beta users: Report

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WhatsApp is working on new changes to give its users a better experience. According to WABetaInfo, a website that follows the current WhatsApp update, the WhatsApp New Update intends to provide profile photographs of group participants within group chats to select iOS beta testers. The functionality will make it easier to recognize group members. The WhatsApp show profile photos in Group Chats update has been submitted via the TestFlight beta Program, bringing the version number up to

The function assists group members in recognizing other individuals who share the same name.

WhatsApp just began sending out a picture blur option to specific beta testers on the Desktop beta app

Users can remove sensitive information from pictures using the programme swiftly. According to reports, WhatsApp New Update created two blur tools that allow users to modify photographs with an alternate blur effect. Users can also choose the blur size to apply the effect with granularity. Previously, WhatsApp tested the ability to add subtitles to transmitted media files. WhatsApp allows users to add captions to images, videos, and documents transferred from a device’s local storage.

The WhatsApp new feature is now being handed out to a small group of Android beta testers. The blur effect will allow users to obscure important information in images before transmitting them. Users can blur out whatever section of the photographs they like. Users can also hide any sensitive information from their pictures with this tool.

Availability of this Feature

The new WhatsApp show profile photos in Group chats that are only available to certain beta users who install the most recent WhatsApp beta for iOS through the TestFlight app. The tool will be available to add test users in the coming weeks. WhatsApp just added the ability to send pictures, videos, GIFs, and documents with captions to select Android beta testers.

Users who install the newest WhatsApp beta for Android update from the Google Play Store can use this functionality. The Meta-owned software also allowed certain iOS beta users to make polls in one-on-one talks earlier this week. Individual conversations, like polls in group chats, enable users to add up to 12 alternatives.

This WhatsApp New Feature brings equality for both Android and iOS users

WhatsApp for Android has been able to display profile images in system notifications for some time. Thus, this update brings the app’s functionality to parity on both platforms. Suppose you have not seen profile images in your alerts. In that case, it’s because WhatsApp is initially making the change for beta testers so they can report issues before rolling out the service to millions of iOS devices globally.

Aside from this capability, WhatsApp new feature is still working on enabling groups to generate polls. The firm has recently introduced bigger groups, the option to hold an audio conversation with additional people and a new Community function. WhatsApp intends to deploy a few capabilities related to deleted messages. In the future, group administrators can remove a message from any group participant.

Everyone in the chat can see that the message no longer exists; it will allow admins to arrange groups better.

WhatsApp show profile photos in Group chats

According to the report, there is no switch to enable or disable the feature. Stating that when the feature is released, WhatsApp show profile photos in Group chats feature will be by default. Because the feature is still in development, there has yet to be a word on when it will be available to regular platform users. More often than not, new features discovered make their way into stable WhatsApp releases relatively quickly.

As a result, WhatsApp users can expect to see the profile picture in the group chats feature soon. It should also be available for both Android and iOS users. In other news, WhatsApp is developing animated avatars for profile pictures.

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