You are currently viewing YouTube has introduced a TikTok and Twitch co-streaming feature

YouTube has introduced a TikTok and Twitch co-streaming feature

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After Twitch and TikTok introduced comparable services, YouTube unveiled a tool to let streamers invite their friends to join their live streams. YouTube’s version of that streaming capability, Go Live Together, is rolling out throughout the website over the next several weeks. The first thing creators should do is submit the information for their feed, including the title, description, monetization options, thumbnails, and visibility options.
Creators can choose a visitor to add to their live broadcast after selecting the “Invite a Co-Streamer” chance. The invitee will be sent to a waiting area after they click the invitation. With both parties, the hosts can “Go Live.”

Now, let's see:

  • How to co-stream using OBS?

OBS, often known as Open Broadcaster Software, is a Mac and Windows-compatible free and open-source program for offline video recording and live broadcasting. OBS enables live video creation, live broadcasting, and video recording.OBS can combine several different audio-visual inputs into a live video production environment. Thus the setup wizard will ask you if you want to optimize the program for recording or live streaming when you first download and install it.
OBS also supports a wide variety of plugins, which enable it to add features like NDI compatibility, VST plugins, and stream deck controls.

  • Find the Sources panel in OBS and click the + button in the bottom left. Another option is to right-click on the Sources panel and select Add.
  • Choose the browser from the menu.
  • A new window will appear.
  • Adjust the width, height, and FPS as necessary to match the stream parameters in OBS.
  • To close the window, click OK.
  • The Co-Stream tag should be applied from your Creator Dashboard.
  • On OBS, select Start Streaming when you’re ready.
  • You’re finished!
  • How to co-stream using XSplit?

You may record your broadcast live using XSplit Broadcaster’s robust capabilities, which include multiple audio tracks. For simple editing during post-production, add queue points. You may simultaneously broadcast and record various scenarios using several recording profiles. It produces the top webcam software for professionals and creators, VCam, and the live streaming and recording program Broadcaster.
OBS also supports a wide variety of plugins, which enable it to add features like NDI compatibility, VST plugins, and stream deck controls.

  • Make sure you are running XSplit 3.0.1 or a later version.
  • Find the Add button, and then click Webpage.
  • Adjust the width, height, and FPS to match the stream parameters in XSplit.
  • The Co-Stream tag should be applied from your Creator Dashboard.
  • Launch your streaming when you’re ready!

Ads are allowed

Co-hosted streams on YouTube are permitted to show adverts, but viewers will not get any of the money. The tandem broadcast won’t appear on the guest’s channel, and the advertisements will go to the host instead. A YouTube representative acknowledged in the Creator Insider video that visibility on guest channels is “extremely crucial to creators,” thus that benefit could soon be available on Go Live Together.

Saving and Uploading Co-Streamed Content

It is not allowed to save previous broadcasts, highlights, or uploads of co-streamed content. For additional information, please see the section on Unauthorized Content Sharing and Other Copyright Violations in the Twitch Community Guidelines.


While allowing broadcasters to advertise and expand their channels through social sharing, Clips enables a Twitch user to capture and share enjoyable, engaging instantly, and distinctively Twitch moments from live broadcasts and VODs. All Twitch channels, except for a limited selection of chosen ones, allow clipping. Users can consult the channel page for media that have clipping turned off. Users only hover or tap on the video player, then click or tap the clip button to create a Clip.
Once the clip has been created, altered, and uploaded, it is shared.

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