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Apple To Roll Out 5G Support in India via iOS 16.2 Beta Update

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The software update that would allow iPhones 5G capability in India has finally started to be distributed by Apple. The update, iOS 16.2, will make the capability available on iPhones with the required suitable hardware. Users of iPhones beginning with the 2020 iPhone 12 series will thus be able to use 5G services on their handsets after the upgrade — provided the connectivity is accessible in their specific locations.


Customers participating in the beta programme can download the most recent beta update to enable 5G functionality

Apple has previously committed to releasing a stable upgrade by December 2022 for all customers. The iOS 16.2 beta version gathers user input regarding their interactions with the regional telcos and the next-generation network before the stable release is made available.


iPhones 5G will be available in Two Modes in India

With iOS 16.2, iPhones in India may now connect to Jio and Airtel’s 5G networks. Users may see two 5G options in the Voice & Data settings after downloading and installing the iOS beta version. The two 5G settings available on Indian iPhones are 5G On and 5G Auto. It is applicable when 5G is available, even if it shortens battery life. However, 5G Auto mode only employs 5G when doing so won’t dramatically shorten battery life.

This is a massive relief for iPhone fans in India’s big cities eager to use 5G. There are already 5G networks in Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Varanasi, Nagpur, Siliguri, and Hyderabad. If they own any iPhones from the post-iPhone 12 series, iPhone customers in these cities can connect with the 5G networks.

Since this is only the beta deployment of 5G capability in India, Apple will utilize the data and consumer input to address any problems, if any, before the full rollout occurs a month from now. Apple had stated that it would release a stable iOS upgrade for iPhones in India in December 2022 to enable 5G.

iOS 16.2 Beta Update


Apple is one of the last few smartphone makers to provide a release date for the 5G software upgrade. Apple’s iOS 16.2 beta release will purportedly start testing compatibility for 5G networks on Indian iPhone models. The government has clarified that it intends to pressure smartphone makers to produce 5G software updates. Apple had previously stated that by December 2022, it would upgrade the software on its 5G-capable phones in India.

The iPhone 14, iPhone 13, iPhone 12, and iPhone SE would receive the software update (2022). The verified iOS 16.2 beta is a forerunner to the eventual full-fledged debut of 5G functionality. With the future release of iOS 16.2, Apple will include compatibility for both Jio True 5G and Airtel 5G Plus.

What’s New in iOS 16.2?

Here are a few new features of iOS 16.2:


  • Widgets for tracking meds and sleep

The second beta released new lock screen widgets for tracking medications and sleep data.

  • Freeform app

The new digital white boarding tool Freeform, initially announced at WWDC this autumn, is now included in the most recent betas of iOS 16, iPadOS 16, and macOS 13. Freeform is a productivity tool for the iPhone, iPad, and Mac that enables sharing drawings, notes, files, web links, documents, images, video, and audio with friends, family, and coworkers on a digital whiteboard.

  • Update to the new Home architecture

iOS 16.2 users can do so, which Apple claims is quicker and more dependable. The Home hubs must all update to 16.2, including Apple TV and HomePod.


  • Updates to Live Activities more often

Apple may give customers a choice to update Live Activities more regularly at the expense of a small amount of battery life, even if it is not currently active in the beta.


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