Meta advertisers will soon get access to generative AI tools

Meta advertisers will soon get access to generative AI tools

Meta advertisers announced an AI Sandbox for advertisers to use to help them build an alternative copy, backdrop generation via language prompts and picture cropping for Facebook or Instagram advertisements. This Sandbox will allow advertisers to use generative AI tools.

A slew of new AI-powered capabilities aimed at Meta advertisers hoping to boost the success of their Facebook and Instagram advertising

The business collaborates with a limited group of marketers to gather input on its AI Sandbox, a testing ground for early prototypes of new generative AI tools, products, and services. Text variation is one of the technologies that create several text variations to highlight the key elements of an advertiser’s copy, allowing them to trial new material targeted to certain audiences.

A third tool, image outcropping, streamlines the process of altering ad content to meet different aspect ratios for several channels, such as stories or reels.

The three new generative AI features for Meta advertisers

To make their ads more attractive, select Meta advertisers may create text variations, produce images from prompts, and change image sizes.

  1. Text variation: Enter your ad copy, and Meta will provide many versions for you to try. You may choose whether the recommendations are “Not Great” or “Looks Good.”
  2. Background generation: You can specify the backdrop look or style you desire using text prompts. Choosing it would allow you to experiment with different pictures and see how they affect performance.
  3. Image outcropping: Using this tool, you may adapt your images to meet different aspect ratios across Facebook and Instagram surfaces (for example, Stories and Reels).

Using generative AI tools to make ad

Meta, Facebook’s parent corporation, intends to commercialize its unique generative AI tools by December. In advertising, for example, various graphics appeal to different audiences.

Features of generative AI tools

  1. The first feature allows marketers to produce numerous variants of the same content for different audiences while attempting to keep the ad’s fundamental message consistent.
  2. The second feature is the backdrop generation tool. It facilitates the creation of various elements for a campaign.
  3. Finally, the third feature is the image cropping tool, which assists businesses in creating images in various aspect ratios for mediums such as social posts, tales, or short films such as reels.

The business stated that these services are now accessible to select marketers and that access to more advertisers will be expanded in July.

What is the goal behind using generative AI tools?

The goal is to discover what works for marketers and include these features in our ad products. Beginning in July, additional marketers will have access to the AI Sandbox, with new capabilities on the way. With millions of companies advertising on our platform, we are taking great care in building and deploying these tools, ensuring that they are designed ethically and deliver value to our clients. The business also highlighted updates to Meta Advantage.

Its portfolio of automation solutions helps marketers make campaigns more efficient via AI and machine learning. It also includes adding videos to catalogue advertising and the rollout of performance comparisons.

The company also highlighted Meta Advantage enhancements made possible by generative AI tools

Its automation tool portfolio assists marketers in making campaigns more efficient via AI and machine intelligence, such as integrating videos into catalogue advertising and rolling out performance comparisons. Meta released its huge language model Llama in February, joining the Big Tech battle to build AI services and announcing intentions to “turbocharge” its company with generative AI. And earlier this week, Meta announced the open-sourcing of ImageBind.

The new generative AI tools model can integrate disparate data points to interpret information like how humans view the world.