10 Challenges Marketers Face When Implementing AI in 2024

10 Challenges Marketers Face When Implementing AI in 2024

Today, AI or artificial intelligence has revolutionised the way businesses work worldwide. It has become integral to innovation, from enhancing automation to virtual assistance. With so much advancement in AI tools, there are also some challenges that businesses need to be aware of. 

What you must be aware of about Marketing with AI is the challenges you may face while you market. So, according to a report by Hubspot, only about 35% of marketers use AI to do their business. 

So, today, let's dive in further to understand the challenges of marketing AI and how you can effectively bridge the gap.

Top 10 Challenges of Marketing with AI for Your Business this 2024

1. Lack of creativity 

According to Hubspot about of 64% of marketers, about 40% believe that Marketing with AI will change, and about 24% believe marketing with AI will only hamper creativity. 

Yes, you can use Generative AI to help you with ideas. It can be a question of entirely depending on it as it gives repeated content without creativity. 

According to Deloitte, about 42% of high-growth companies rely on creativities for their marketing. A Hubspot study also finds that about 36% believe Generative AI will increase their creativity. 

 However, the downside of using these AI tools is that marketers use them to let their creativity flow. 

2. Unreliable Information 

Using AI for your marketing can be significant. However, the information might need to be more accurate, and you need to crosscheck it before you publish it. 

According to Hubspot studies, many marketers need more accurate information to leverage marketing with AI. 

Understandably, marketers publishing the wrong data or content can backlash your business reputation, causing loss of customers. 

3. Replacement of Job

One hot topic with AI's advancement in marketing is whether it will replace my job.

According to McKinsey 2017, reports from various workplaces found that about 400 million to 800 million individuals will have to get a new job by 2030 as their jobs will be replaced by automation. 

However, it is good to understand that marketing with AI means enhancing your marketing strategies or solving your issues but not replacing humans. Despite that, there is fear that Generative AI will replace jobs, which is just a fear that is yet to be proven right. 

4. Get Your Hands on the Latest Tools and Technologies

There is a constant evolution in the field of AI. As a business owner, you must keep in touch with every new trend and technology regarding marketing with AI. 

Learning new tips and tricks when you are familiar with the old ways or even keeping up with the trends can be challenging. 

5. Overly-Dependent

According to a Hubspot survey, about 88%  believe in marketing with AI, while 67 % believe they should avoid using AI in marketing. 

Being entirely reliant on Marketing with AI can be a downside. However, using AI for your marketing is better than using none. 

6. Need Time to Learn It

When it comes to learning new tips and tricks, you need time to learn it. So, marketing with AI means you need to know what to ask based on your goal and task.

So, when prompting AI, you need to learn how to use it for your niche. 

According to Hubspot, prompting AI to generate content that is good to publish saves you 3 hours and 10 minutes to generate content. 

7. Poor Quality Content

You probably don't want to publish poor-quality content, which can impact your business in the long run. So, when it comes to marketing AI, it means you are using it to generate content, summarise your content into critical points, and create copies and images. 

So, using poor quality content can only lead to business to nowhere!

8. Concerns About Privacy & Data

The advancement of AI raises some questions regarding privacy and data. Many businesses use AI to understand their customers' behaviours and want to use the available data. 

However, this can raise concerns about your customer's privacy and data. 

9. Making Strategies 

When it comes to Marketing with AI, it is about using it for your niche. So, you need a whole team to help you navigate through the ever-changing AI world. 

10. AI Bias

AI bias poses a critical challenge to businesses, particularly in marketing AI. Using biased data for your marketing can perpetuate and increase prejudices, impacting your decision-making. 

So, when it comes to marketing with AI, ensure it is fair and unbiased, fostering ethical practices and equitable outcomes in the evolving landscape of artificial intelligence.

Best Marketing with AI Tips 

  • Optimizes your target audience for precision marketing with AI.

  • Tailor your messages based on AI-driven customer insights.

  • Leverage AI for deep analytics understanding, uncovering valuable marketing insights.

  • Enhance your workflows and efficiency with marketing AI, saving you time.


In the ever-evolving marketing landscape of 2024, integrating marketing AI presents challenges. From data privacy concerns to adapting strategies, marketers face hurdles in harnessing the full potential of AI. 

However, overcoming these obstacles is essential for unlocking the transformative power of marketing with AI and ensuring sustained industry relevance.

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