Google to delete Gmail accounts that haven’t been active, but should you worry?

Google to delete Gmail accounts that haven’t been active, but should you worry?

Google has announced that it will start deleting Gmail accounts that have not been used for at least two years starting in December to reduce security threats. Losing access to older versions entails something other than Gmail. The user’s work in Google Docs, Google Workspace, Google Photos, and other Google products will also be lost, along with any YouTube videos they may have published.

If you haven’t signed into any of your Gmail accounts in the previous two years, Google will permanently delete your account

Google used to have a policy of deleting content from no longer active accounts to conserve storage space. However, with the new dormant accounts policy, the company will delete such accounts. Google will delete Gmail accounts and its content if it has not been used or signed into for at least two years. Email addresses, Gmail messages, Calendar events, Drive, Docs, other workspace files, YouTube, and Google Photos won’t be accessible to users.

Why is Google doing this?

Notably, Google has clarified that accounts for organizations, schools, or enterprises are unaffected and that this policy solely applies to personal accounts. Google is taking this action because it thinks that if an account is not used for over two years, it will likely be hacked. According to Google, once compromised, these Gmail accounts may work for everything from identity theft to distributing undesirable or harmful information, such as spam.

Why does this matter?

Google may remove the account and any or all of its contents following the most recent Inactive Accounts policy. Including:

  • Gmail
  • Docs
  • Drive
  • Meet
  • Calendar
  • YouTube
  • Google Photos

It’s essential to keep in mind that the policy change only applies to personal Gmail accounts

There will be no impact on any accounts used by corporations or organizations. Although the rule is practical, Google will only erase inactive accounts in December 2023. Before moving on to other dormant accounts, Google will remove newly established and never used accounts. Google also mentioned that many emails with alerts will be sent to both the Gmail accounts address and the recovery email.

How do you continue to use your Gmail accounts?

To keep your Google account active, you must log in at least once every 24 months. In a statement, Google said that if you recently checked into one of our services or your Gmail accounts, your account is deemed current and won’t be deleted. Use Sign-In to log into a third-party application or service and keep your Gmail accounts active. Users will be inactive only once they explicitly check in to Google Photos once every two years.

You can stop Google from erasing your content by doing this. Google will, however, provide users with many warnings before making any such decision.

How to determine whether Gmail accounts have been deleted?

To determine whether Gmail accounts have been deleted, follow the below steps:

  • Step 1

Go to the Gmail home page and attempt to log in with the email address associated with the account and password. The first indication that your Gmail account has been terminated is if you get a warning stating that the “username or password you entered is incorrect.”

  • Step 2

Send a test email to the account you are looking for confirmation of deletion from any other email account. If the account doesn’t exist, Gmail will issue an error email. The Gmail user does not exist says the notification.

  • Step 3

Access the account connected to the deleted email account by going to the Google Accounts page. Google combines your accounts for Gmail accounts and other services into one. This confirmation check was made available when the Gmail account was removed without removing the rest of the Google account.

  • Step 4

Look for a link to Gmail in your Google account’s “My Products” area. If the Gmail account has been deleted, a link to Gmail won’t show up. Only if the Gmail account is still active will this section include links.

What keeps the Gmail accounts active?

In addition to occasionally signing in, the activity includes being logged in and carrying out routine tasks:

  • Seeing an inactivity notice or reading or sending an email
  • Google Drive use
  • Watching a video on YouTube
  • Installing a program from the Google Play Store
  • Google Searching
  • Sign in with Google to use a third-party service or program.

Furthermore, Google informs us that using an Android device signed in to the Google accounts counts as an activity.

Other options for saving your Gmail accounts

  • Link your Gmail account to other Google products, such as YouTube.
  • Download any software from the Play Store by logging into your account.
  • Give Google Drive access by logging into the Gmail accounts.
  • Sign your email there or send any correspondence via mail.
  • Search on Google using your dormant account by connecting it.