How to combine GA4 and Google Ads for powerful paid search results

How to combine GA4 and Google Ads for powerful paid search results

Are you looking for a way to make good returns?

Leveraging the dynamic duo of Google Analytics 4 and Google Ads can help elevate your paid search game.

Want to make full use of your advertising strategy?

Then, incorporate these two tools: Google Analytics 4 and Google Ads. GA4's insights and the precision of ads allow you to tailor campaigns according to your audience's needs, ensuring maximum impact and ROI.

So, in this blog, you will learn how to combine GA4 and Google Ads for the best search results. 

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Why is it Crucial to Connect GA4 and Google Ads?

Are you questioning why it is crucial to link and how to link GA 4 and Google Ads?

Well, let's talk about connecting your Google Ads with GA4. It is like bringing your favourite tools together for a power-packed experience! 

So, imagine this: your website data is seamlessly shared between the users, giving you a broader view of visitors from Google Ads. Now, imagine easily diving into your GA4 property, analysing data quickly in one spot. 

Sounds great for you and your colleagues, right?

Having to watch your ads in separate places is overwhelming, but this interface has changed with GA4 integrating with Googe Ads. 

Are you struggling? Do you need help tracking campaigns and new dimensions? 

Wait! Ensure you link both accounts, allowing you to export GA4 conversions to Google Ads. Ultimately, the aim of aligning your goals is for effective marketing. So, linking these two tools means more conversion data and optimised bids.

As a digital marketer, are you concerned about how to combine GA4 and Google Ads? 

Linking these two tools makes creating targeted ads for different audiences a breeze. So, ensure you build audiences in GA4, then import to Google Ads and witness the magic in your search results! 

Moreover, ensuring that you enrich your Conversion paths report by gaining insights into your user touchpoints is one of the innovative strategies to implement. 

Steps on How to Link Your GA4 and Googe Ads 

To ensure seamless communication, here's how to combine GA4 and Google Ads! 

Follow these straightforward steps:

  • Confirm Editor permission in GA4 and Admin access in Google Ads.

  • Linking the Google Ads Manager account grants access to GA4 data across all ad accounts.

  • Navigate to your Google Analytics account, click Admin, then head to Product Links → Google Ads Links in the property column.

  • Click the blue Link button in the right corner of the linked accounts interface.

  • Click the enticing "Choose Google Ads accounts" to select your admin-accessible account.

  • Select your Google Ads account, hit the lively Confirm button, and proceed by clicking Next.

  • Enable Personalised Advertising and Auto-Tagging, both defaulted for optimal performance.

Benefits of How Combining GA 4 and Google Ads Increases Your Search Results

Below are the benefits of combining GA4 and Google Ads to increase your search results in 2024. There are: 

1. Enhanced Conversion Tracking

Can you boost your Ads performance by importing Analytics conversions?

Yes! It allows you to attribute conversions to specific ad elements, guiding your strategy for optimal results and helping you better understand the effectiveness of your campaigns.

2. Powerful Audience Insights and Targeting

Unleash GA4's potent audience segmentation tools by linking to Google Ads. Craft custom audiences based on behaviour for precise targeting. Leverage Analytics data to supercharge remarketing, tailor ads for specific segments, boost engagement and increase conversion rates.

3. Streamlined Reporting

Simplify reporting by linking your accounts. View campaigns in Google Ads and Attribution reports, with new dimensions in User Acquisition. Moreover, this consolidation reduces effort, providing a seamless view of campaign performance across platforms.

4. Advanced Event Tracking

With GA4, you can enhance your user interaction monitoring through detailed event tracking. You can link it to Google Ads to track your video views, scroll depth, and button clicks. 

Ultimately, the existing data enhances your understanding of your user engagement for more effective campaigns.

5. Customer Behavior Insights

Do you want to gain insights into user behaviour metrics like pages per session, engagement rate, and the average time spent on the page within Google Ads?

We will assess campaign performance and targeting accuracy based on user interactions. This data is crucial for refining your strategy and improving ad effectiveness.


As many businesses struggle to make an impactful online presence, the question of how to combine GA4 and Google Ads can be raised, and raises on how you unlock powerful paid search results can be given. 

It explains how interlinking GA4 and Google Ads enhances conversion tracking, precise audience targeting, streamlined reporting, advanced event tracking, and profound customer behaviour insights.

Through this blog, get the right strategies to seamlessly link these tools for maximum impact on your search engine results, empowering your advertising strategy and ensuring a fruitful journey in 2024. 

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