9 Skills You Need to Become a Great Social Media Manager

9 Skills You Need to Become a Great Social Media Manager

Becoming a great social media manager is more than just a senior post; it is an ability to create and engage with your customers, building a solid relationship with them. 

So, with the ever-evolving social media world, the SEO and content, technologies and other complexities, there is a high demand for a skilful Social Media Manager (SMM). 

In this write-up, we will learn all about the 9 skills you need to become a great Social Media Manager to stay ahead in the future. 

What is a Social Media Manager?

The role of Social Media Manager is continuing to evolve and become more complex. So, according to a LinkedIn report, the skills required for this post have changed by 25% in the US since 2015. 

Moreover, the SMM is also considered the “Voice of the Company.” As a manager, your responsibility is to monitor, execute, filter, and measure the social media presence of a brand, product, business, or even an individual. 

Master these 9 Skills to Become a Great Social Media Manager

Now, look at some of the skills you require to become a great social media manager. 

1. Effective Communicating

One crucial skill required in a Social Media Manager is having practical communications skills. As a manager, you must coordinate with your team and clients, which requires you to communicate effectively. So, when it comes to communicating clearly, ensure that you have clear campaign goals and expectations and also learn how to articulate your strategies effectively. 

To become a great Social Media Manager, you can note essential points you want to convey and listening to TED Talks. It will help you learn how to effectively give out your message from some of the most inspiring people. 

2. Ability to Effectively Communicate Through Words

If you want to become a great social media manager in the future, then be sure to create messages that your readers can grasp quickly. As an SMM, you should be able to promote a positive sentiment about the brand or the business you are promoting, leading you to become the “Voice of the Brand.”

Some of the skills you need are writing short and eye-catching titles, engaging introductions, and video and image captions

3. Good Marketing Strategy 

When it comes to becoming a great Social Media Manager, you need to be able to develop a result-driven marketing strategy. Without marketing strategies, the company or brand you promote will be useless. So, ensure that your marketing strategies are data-driven and customer-centric. Also, ensure you incorporate both traditional and online marketing techniques to develop effective strategies. 

4. Deep SEO Knowledge

How well do you know about SEO or Search Engine Optimisation?

If you want to become a great Social Media Manager, ensure that you thoroughly understand SEO and use it in your copies to gain more organic traffic. Incorporating SEO in your writing will attract potential clients interested in your products or services, leading them to become loyal customers. 

Ask some of these questions yourself, like how to promote your blog content on social media and a deeper understanding of the short-tail and long-tail keywords. 

5. Creativity

To become a great Social Media Manager, you must curate many social media copies and content that needs creativity. So, with many videos, gifs, content, etc., shared, you must understand how to create platform-specific social media content. With that, also learn to design to help you create visually stunning graphics to help you bring your image to life. 

6. Data Analysis 

Learning to analyse your data is vital, and what is more crucial as a skilful Social Media Manager is incorporating the data into your daily work to achieve your goals. Try to extract the metrics from your customer's feedback and comments from social media platforms and others.

Moreover, a better understanding of your customer sentiment allows you to understand better how effectively your clients or customers engage with your services or products. 

In addition, learn about the trends and then accordingly develop a strategy with the help of your customer's sentiments. 

7. Flexibility 

Do you want to become a great Social Media Manager?

Then, adaptability or flexibility is essential in the ever-evolving social landscape. So, continuously change the techniques and trends and test and update your posts. Also, feel free to try new strategies to find out what works best for you. 

8. Being an Expert in Social Media

You need social media skills to become a great social media manager. These can be done through rigorous research and experimentation. 

You need to learn what content works best on what platform and clearly understand what platforms work best on which day or time. Also, have a clear idea of how to optimise your content according to specific channels and thoroughly understand the available data and performance, etc. 

9. Ability to Manage the Budget 

Learn how to plan and manage funds for various social media platforms effectively. It means addressing the budget for content if influencers are involved in your project, which will allow you to decide which influencers need to be prioritised accordingly. 


To wrap up, to become a great Social Media Manager, you need to have all the above skills, and you should know the best social media metrics to focus on. You should also know what tools to use and what questions and comments to respond to according to your company’s voice and guidelines.

So, keep up-to-date with the available knowledge and skills to help you succeed in this ever-changing social media world.

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