Google Business Profile: The new suspension appeal process

Google Business Profile: The new suspension appeal process

Is your Google Business Profile facing issues of suspension or even reinstatement?

Well, for many small or micro businesses out here, Google Business Profile is like a lifeblood, allowing small businesses like yours to promote your businesses online better. 

What is it important?

GBP is crucial because once you get your business profile suspended/ reinstatement, it can lead to your company going out of business. 

It can create many issues for businesses trying to make their name in the search engine world. So, what is the solution for this issue that small businesses face?

Well, Google has rolled out a new Google Business Profile suspension appeal process in the European Union, which is highly believed to be available worldwide. 

To clear out our doubts, let's look at it closely!

What is Google Business Profile?

Google Business Profile or GBP is a business profile that many companies have for informing your organisation's details to others. The main focus of this GBP is to tell your potential clients about your organisation. 

Here, it includes information about the business's operation and its history, objectives, mission, and applied values. So, the main focus of having a company's profile is you can appeal to people more efficiently to help your business, such as Customers.

How is the Google Business Profile Suspension Appeal Change?

The GBP reinstatement/suspension process is not transparent regarding why your GBP business is suspended. So, what is the new business profile different from the old one?

So, what you need to know is that when your company's profile is suspended or reinstated, Google will send you an update. It means you will understand why your business profile is broken, which means you need to stress less about why it is stopped. 

Before this update, businesses still determined what went wrong, leading to speculation. However, the good news is with this update, you don't have to do that anymore. The transparent information will assist you, as well as many companies who are facing the same situation, allowing them to fix their profile. 

Here, you will be able to fix the issues and get your GBP listing compliant fixed after you go through with the Google'sGoogle's guidelines. 

What you need to know about this new appeal process is that it is made with only partially new rules and guidelines. However, it is well-designed to make the already existing laws more transparent. It means you will not be in speculation about what went wrong. Instead, you will exactly know it. 

Understand that this new appeal process system is still under surveillance, and shortly, Google will continue to redesign and revamp it according to user feedback. So, what you do is be ready for some minor adjustments in the future about how it works. Evolution might include those steps and visuals provided here.

So, stay updated regarding this new appeal process with it'sit's new rules and regulations and how it functions to help you while you leverage it. 

Well, let's go to the next step, that is, how this new appeal process works.

How Do You Know Your Google Business Profile is Suspended

So, if by chance your GBP is suspended, then you will be informed about it on the notification in your Business Profile merchant panel that your profile is either suspended or disabled. 

So, expect to get a notification like this,

( Image Source: Search Engine

Also, coming to your email, you will receive a notification that looks like this in your inbox, informing you about the GBP suspension.

     (Image Source: Search Engine Land.Com)

So, the good thing about this updated Google Business Profile is that you will get a "Violation type", allowing you to know exactly the cause or reasons for suspension. Moreover, now you can follow the guidelines or policy your GBP went against. You might get such a notification if Google finds your content deceptive or even behaviour. 

So, to learn more about what went wrong, click on the link of "Suspension Policy" to fix those issues before you file for the appeal process. 

Want to learn how to manage your suspended business profiles?

Then, ensure you are following the regulations Google gives and ensure that your email is logged in and then click on the Appeal button in the email to address any issues. 

How to Manage Your Google Business Profiles Appeal Like a Pro

Learn how to manage to appeal your GBP like a professional. 

When you are doing this Appeal, ensure that your email is the correct email and then click on the Confirm.

(Image Source: Search Engine Land.Com)

Then, select the suspended business profiles, and if you have only one location, then only that will appear for you to correct it. However, if your business has many Business Profile listings, choose the suspended listing.

( Image source: Search Engine Land.Com)

Then, you will receive why your business profile is suspended and other general details about it, like 

  • It can't be appealed.

  • Eligible for Appeal.

Note: Not all suspended GBP can be appealed. 

If your business profile can appeal, then you will receive this.

  ( Image source: Search Engine Land. Com)

Next up, you will get all the official documents needed to upload. So, upload all the required documents, which include, 

  • Official business registration

  • Business License

  • Tax certificate

  • Utility bill

Also, ensure that your Business Registration/License is precise with the business name and address you applied for appealing. Also, your utility bills include the following: electricity, phone, gas, water, sewage, trash, recycling, TV or internet. 

After that, check everything and ensure it is all the same. Lastly, click the Submit button. 

  (Image Source: Search Engine Land. com)

Next up, if you want to add evidence, click on the link below.

 ( Image Source: Search Engine

Then, you will get a text box of 1000 characters. Write here why your GBP should be reinstated. After that, fill in the content, upload whatever documents you need, and click the Submit button.

Next, you will be directed back to your Appeals tools, and your status must be Submitted. Then, check whether your Appeal is approved or not. 

If your Appeal is approved, you will get this,

  ( Image Source; Search Engine 

If your Appeal is disapproved, you will get this.

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